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James Corbett: This is James Corbett of, and it is the 17th of October 2009 here in Japan. Today, I'm joined on the line once again by Mark and Josh, the hosts of the former Internet radio phenomena, Piercing The Darkness, and two researchers who have spent countless hours uncovering the documents, making the connections, and naming the names behind the current technological control grid and how it's gradually subsuming the real world. They are also known by their Prisonplanet forum handles, Anti_Illuminati and LordsSyndicate.

Mark and Josh, it's great to have you back on the program today.

LordsSyndicate: Ah, it's wonderful to be back, James. Thank you for having us again.

Anti_Illuminati: Yes, thank you, James.

JC: Alright, alright. Well, today I want to get into some solutions and how people can effectively oppose this global information awareness infrastructure that is going up all around us, but I know you two are always digging up new documents and coming out with important research, so let's start with some updates and some information that you've come across lately that you'd like to get across to the listeners.

And Mark, last week we were talking about the smart grid, and I understand you had some updates and some more information about that.

AI: Ah, yes. The key thing that I wanted to mention regarding the smart grid is that - in and of itself, it is a problem-reaction-solution type of an implementation. In one respect, it is a fraudulent solution to the manufactured economic crisis, and how that the global elite has told everybody through the puppet - president Obama - that the American people need to be more responsible for energy usage and that we're being irresponsible. A recent article appeared in California where they want to ban so-called power-guzzling big-screen televisions - that kinda thing. And how they're trying to - they're shifting over to hybrid cars, where you've got to plug them in to electrical power sources, and so forth.

The whole thing is - it's all demonization of human life - of just the very act of living - because you're hurting the Earth. Shame on you for even being alive - you're hurting the Earth - you have to ration your energy usage - because there's not even enough energy to go around, and all this. And the fake peak oil fraud - and the so-called 'dependency' on foreign oil - which is totally fraudulent. And it is well known and documented in innumerable official sources by many experts, and so forth. But that's the main thing - it is propandizing that you have to have your energy consumption monitored by the government, and they will impose greater costs on you for using it - as in the last interview you did - based on the time that you're using things like air-conditioning - and if you're using it during peak hours, and stuff like that.

Now, that's one aspect of it. The other aspect of it is - is that the smart grid is inherently - now, they claim that it's more decentralized, and they claim that it's more secure through the so-called decentralization, but that's actually a lie. It's actually more centralized because it puts like command and control (C2) over all of the power distribution into an enterprise architecture database that is built off off Ptech/PROMIS/agile-based software. And that enables them to - if Josh wants to comment on that, go ahead on that.

LS: I was just gonna say - basically, that the command and control - for those of our listeners who are aware - would otherwise be known as C2 systems. C2 means - basically, standing for Command and Control - you have two Cs, it's quite that simple. Their naming conventions are [inaudible] that simple. But that is the point - that basically, they're putting this tier - C2- all of the C2 systems - combat controllers, even following to the designation [inaudible] familiar with the term and familiar with the military, those are actaully personnel who report directly to the command-and-control level. They have systems designated this way, and these are the actual - you could say - nervous system of the entire GiG (Global Information Grid) - the supercomputer AI-type system that runs across the whole thing as a grid. And the whole thing is one unified system. Yeah, basically, I'll let you go on from there, Mark.

AI: Um, correct. And the thing is that - they know that this is inherently more susceptible to cyber-attacks. There was an article - I believe it was out of [a] Blackhat Conference - where they said that they found an Internet worm that was able to attack the smart meters. Now, again, they're claiming that the smart grid is to eliminate cybersecurity issues, or to mitigate them - but in fact, it's kind of a psy-op. I mean, it's like - don't get me wrong, there's...

LS: Well, let's try to get it in the proper context. It is more secure against the average Joe - like, your average real Chinese hacker, your average 14-year old kid who has nothing to better to do than to mess around on his computer and learn how to play with things like breaking into stuff and doing illegal things - which, there are 14-year olds who are prone to do, and most of them are not very good at it, because they're learning. But the point is that - it's more secure and basically it becomes impossible for these people to get into these systems undetectably, and to get into these systems in the first place.

Now, from the government's standpoint, however, these entire systems are built from the premise that x system must have numbers multiple access points that are backdoors into this sytem. So while it becomes more secure for them, it becomes less secure for the user - because the user is then able to be infected by any government worm and any trojan that they select, while - here's the key - it becomes next to impossible for the average person - for the average hacker that we have now - who may not be associated with them - to actually be able to do anything. Because of the filtering, because of the very nature of IPv6 - it allows everything they do to be traced, tracked and filtered on the fly in real-time, you see. But, in the same respect, everything that is designated 'trusted' by this entire network in real-time, and only its creators and handlers can do such or are supposed to be able to do such - basically are able to insert anything they want. Which basically gives them complete control to wage the perfect false-flag - because they can then perfectly forge everything - perfectly do everything in real-time - it pushes these trusted lists so every computer round the world is like: "Well, there can't be anything wrong with the trusted lists, because these people say it's supposed to be the right way. So it must be 'somebody got into it'." Meanwhile, the 'somebody' out there doesn't really exist. It is complete false-flag - it sets the stage for perfect false-flag, due to basically - like you say - the psy-op - the psychological nature of the way people have been conditioned.

The whole point behind Microsoft - now they're coming out with a version of Windows that is supposably uncrackable, finally - that has actually all of the security updates and all of the things that people were complaining about from Windows 98 all the way up to Vista. It's finally there - interesting - you know, that Microsoft now finally releases an OS that PC critics have said: "It was everything that Windows XP Service Pack 2 should have been." Or Windows XP should have been. And yet - you know - they - Microsoft - are the people who propagated the very idea that computers are unsecure - that they're prone to viruses. That spyware is just something to be tolerated along with spam - that you, the user, have to deal with instead of they, when they [inaudible] their software being responsible for, like they should have [done] in the first place.

And that's the key - they have created this entire ideal about technology as it exists - that it is flawed, that it is flawed to such a degree that even a monkey messing around on their computer terminal in - I don't know - the middle of an African jungle off off a 56K modem can manage to do something that can bring down an entire bank. Granted, if you really know what's going on, that's next to impossible. But - [chuckles] that's the point - they have convinced everybody that this is possible. So by convincing everybody it's possible, they set the stag so that you won't believe that they themselves are doing it - because that would be just too wrong. It would go against the very nature - the trust you've been taught to harbor for companies such as Microsoft, or IBM, and all of these technology companies. You know, these are our blue chip stocks, the core of our economy at one point - perhaps at this point in some people's minds - assuming we have an economy left - of course, those people tend to think we do, sadly. And that's the key.

JC: Well, that's an important point. Because just as in retail, you have engineered obsolescence, whereby people will be forced to throw away their old goods in a few years so that they can buy more. Well, here we have engineered incompetence - so Microsoft isn't so incompetent that it can't put together a stable operating system - it's that they don't want to - because it actually fosters this idea that everything is so unsafe that we constantly need updates that protect us against these 14-year old hackers in their mothers' basement somewhere. Whereas - of course - there are stable operating systems and stable technological infrastructures, but they're just not being made available to the majority of the public, so that they can inculcate this psychological dependency we have on being protected from these hackers.

LS: Precisely, precisely, James. That's exactly it. And that is what is so dangerous about this new, coming IPv6 smart-grid Internet2 - is that they have set people up with this current conditioning - to allow incompetence - so that when a system goes into place that they hype as being 'unhackable', 'uncrackable', etcetera. And the people who really know this in-and-out know it's insecure, because of the existing technological conditioning, will accept that: "Oh, it's impossible it's hacked. Somebody just didn't do their job right." So - [chuckling] so, exactly - they have created the very climate that allows that to happen. Which couldn't be further from the truth.

This new Internet system is going to be based completely on secure keys. The whole system is based upon the idea that IPs are now going to be backed to a secure certificate for the block. That - on the fly - this is all done - that this IP is not only valid, but has a secure, encrypted certificate that says: "Yes, it belongs to this Internet Service Provider and has been leased to x individual". And it will even be to the point that in their databases, your name is included besides the IP that is assigned to you - in their accounting. Right now, they have accounting systems that basically match MAC address to IP - IPv4 - and you know, they basically track usage statistics. Well, IPv6 has gone a step further and has been engineered so that they can actually match the exact user to those IP statistics in real-time. So, basically, it gives them end-to-end, false-flag plausibility - and completely create the system in which they are able to create any scenario they want, and you can't say a thing, because they control the systems, and well, by golly, your fingerprints - your digital fingerprints, in this case - are going to be all over whatever event they want to make you the patsy for.

AI: Exactly, that's an excellent point. I want to add some things to that, too - there's an article - OK, it's titled 'Obama's power over Internet essential factor in cybersecurity debate[1]'. This was from Just an excerpt from this, OK - one of the guys that works for Bilderberg as one of their lower-level subject-matter experts - he's with the CSIS. He has been used as the mouthpiece for this, or the propagandist - the Joseph Goebbels of the threat to the Internet for over 10 years. And a quote from this article says, that:

“The scope of (the president’s) power to direct private-sector critical infrastructure information system operators is left undefined and is problematic for that reason"

"James Lewis, senior fellow for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which last year issued a set of cybersecurity recommendations to Congress, likened the provision to President George W. Bush’s call to shut down airlines after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001."

This is in reference to the President having the power to shut down the Internet. And he says that:

"It seems foolish not to have the same authority for cyberspace,” he said. “It’s not that the president will wake up in a bad mood one day and implode Yahoo. This would apply only to severe national emergencies. … This is a great opportunity to blast us into a new level of discussion about cybersecurity."

Yeah - you mean a national emergency, like the global flu pandemic? You mean that national emergency, Mr. Lewis, that your bosses engineered? I mean, that guy right there - everybody that's in the CSIS - these people are heavily integrated into the government. They're all enemy terrorists/traitors, and they need to be arrested and indicted for treason - right now. They're criminals - and they're getting ready to attack the US and carry this out globally. There's one thing that I wanna see what Josh has to say about this. From some research that I did, I found that - from my deduction - I was able to determine that the cyberattacks that occurred in Estonia in 2007 were actually a false-flag. And incidentally, after the fact, a company that acted like a filter inbetween Estonia for anyone that visits their websites in that country - are all going through Akamai Technologies[2]. Now, I think Josh may know something about that company that would be rather interesting. You want to comment on Akamai?

LS: [pontificating on the pronunciation of the name]. The Estonian incident - that's interesting, because it governs the whole Yugoslavia thing, and I've actually got a friend from that region who actually got a lot of that interesting filtering firsthand. Akamai is a content distribution network - as a matter of fact, they are the content distribution network. Not to say that there aren't other companies that try, but these are the only people - or I should say - this is the only company that provides this on an enterprise scale. They pretty much hold a monopoly on this market in the enterprise. They have Akamai cache servers at every major ISP hub on every major Internet peer point. They then have other servers at every major IT company that uses them for hosting. And they manage the entire service - basically, what that means - as a matter of fact, their first biggest client - and this is who really put them on the map - would be Apple, Yahoo, and Overture Networks, which is also Disney, Go Seanet was also a part of this. And these were basically the original key players that made Akamai or gave it its funding. Akamai then basically grew and grew, because it was the key choice for people wanting to spend less money on bandwidth with their local ISP, and just basically allow Akamai to make up the difference, and pay them - and they get also paid through advertising. There's other deals that they do - actual direct contracts with major companies on major hosting projects. One of the key things about Akamai is - you cannot get an Akamai cache [server] into your server room unless you have at least a T3 or better. And you have to have more than likely at least two of them. And then, they have to be worth Akamai's while for them to put one there. And if not, then you're going to pay them a buttload of money just to get an Akamai cache. And we're not talking in the thousands, we're talking in the millions, usually - [chuckling]. Yes, they are that big, and that's what they do - they basically allow your ISP to host the videos that come off YouTube - well, not necessarily YouTube, because that's Google Cache - so Google does that on... [pausing] OK, let me back up a minute.

There is actually one major competitor for Akamai, and that is Google. Google is perhaps Akamai's only major competitor, but the key difference here is - Google does not allow customers to cache their images - Google caches whatever the heck they want in their servers. And just like Akamai - and just like Google, depending on - basically, they are the same in this respect - they have both servers at every major IP that has a cache. And what this allows them to do - it allows everybody on this ISP to grab this video off off the ISP's local servers. Therefore, they don't pay high exchange rates by taking bandwidth from other ISPs. So it really does work out in the long run for the ISP - it is more economical - but at the same point, it costs a lot of money, and Akamai is really making a killing here, and charging buttloads of money to basically perform an unnecessary service - that should be unnecessary. But that's a moral discussion for later.

The point being is - what happened there - and because Akamai has control of these caches - basically, they were given the orders from the locality there to filter things. And since, you know, basically - that means that they're filtering content from The Time, Yahoo, Apple, iTunes Store - well, it wasn't the iTunes store then, but you know - content in general - everything that was a video or picture more than likely at that point was brought up in caches. It still is.

So, things just wouldn't show up. Local news - that was run on the local news station's cache - would be put on an Akamai cache there to be distributed worldwide. Well, lo and behold, the fact that it never leaved Estonia's borders basically kept them off. They were cut off from the rest of the world, and the rest of the world was cut off from them. And it was all thanks to the ability of Akamai being a key player holding all of that content. Because of such, it was able to be filtered.

So, for the layman, basically - what this does - is it gives central key points that distribute content, you see. So, if you're thinking from a military standpoint, all you have to do to take down all of these videos - YouTube videos - you take down the Google cache for the videos - but basically, Disney videos, Paramount, IBM, Ford, General Motors - the list goes on as to who uses Akamai for their content. And most major enterprises do. So it would be very easy to shut down - at this point, all one would really have to do to filter all of your content to go into the Akamai master's root - go into one of their servers, you go on their operating system, you log in as root - there's a whole social network - [inaudible] decentralized - go into their [inaudible], log in, propagate that these are the filters that apply, these are our master global filters for everything. Cook - and all of these videos, all of this content no longer shows up.

Same thing with Google - except it'd be for Google - to be initiated. Pretty much the same process. And boom - it no longer shows up. Google who already does this - so does Akamai - they just don't do it on a massive scale, because if all of a sudden, you woke up one day and - oh my gosh, Disney's gone; Network Times is no longer having things show up; All of the images are missing; MSNBC - I can't get my live video feed; if all of that happened at once, then people would notice. So they filter little things - things that the people that know this noticed , but the average person is like: "Oh, it just expired - it got old". So it allows them plausible deniability - because they are now - when they filter things, they filter them on a singular basis - case by case - in such a way that it doesn't look that intentional. And yet, in places like Yugoslavia - and places like China - here's a perfect example - Akamai has all of these caches throughout China. They are regularly filtered - it is basically part of the deal that Akamai has signed along with the [inaudible] - in order to allow them - their servers and their websites and their content - to be distributed in China. The Chinese government is allowed to filter anything.

The same filters are in place throughout the whole system - the only difference is - here is - essentially [inaudible] to be filtered for at this point - but, it's not done to the extreme that it is in China. Now, with the infrastructure being the way it is, you could wake up tomorrow and it would be just like China - and all it will take is one little order from somebody on the top, saying: "We gotta filter this - this is bad for National Security, this is illegal under this, this is terrorism". The Patriot Act allows for a lot of this stuff, but there are loopholes that would make it a little harder to do right now. So, assuming they can put the legislation through, the infrastructure exists - that it's all basically about five minutes' worth of work, and the entire Internet as we know it will be gone.

AI: Right. And just regarding what you just said - there is a continuation of that article I was reading. I'll just quote from it:

"Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, introduced a bill in April directing the Department of Homeland Security to work with other intelligence agencies to create a plan to protect critical electric infrastructure from cyber attacks. A companion bill has been introduced in the House by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.Nojeim said the CDT largely supports the other cybersecurity bills. “It’s about strengthening FISMA and getting the government’s own house in order, which is a prerequisite to any discussion about what the government should require of the private sector."

So, basically, in this sense, FISMA would be the counterpart for the Internet as to what the Patriot Act is to so-called terrorism. Now, there's another thing there that I gotta mention about this cybersecurity thing - bouncing back for a second on the smart grid - this is very important. There is an audio MP3 file that is available to download from the CSIS website that features a speech that was given by General Victor E Renhart ???, the Commander of Northern Command. In his own words, he stated that he was very 'concerned about the energy delivery systems in the United States', and that, basically, what he was saying was, was that it was gonna be Northern Command's responsibility to 'secure the smart grid'. So, there you have that aspect of it - you bring in a smart grid, and then it's like: "Oh, we need cybersecurity. We can't get rid of the smart grid because of the economic crisis and our energy crisis that we're in. So since we've rolled the smart grid out, we've gotta put all the cybersecurity stuff in here. And oh, that's going to legitimize Northcom military troops to have a greater presence throughout the United States, because they're going to be responding to false-flags that they're going to be carrying out themselves, or their military-industrial complex counterparts, like SCIC, or Booz Allen Hamilton, or MITRE Corporation, or Air Force Research Laboratory, or Air Force Cyberspace Command, or Alexander Levis, at his systems architecture lab - where there's part of his own website now.

Get this - Alexander Levis and a principal from Booz Allen Hamilton is running a cybersecurity center at George Mason University. I mean - the very engineer of - like - every false-flag since 1995 - one of the collaborators, one of the engineers - is gonna be involved in 'protecting the United States', in conjunction with the National Security Agency. [laughing] You can't make that up - I mean, ti's off the charts. So, they're trying to legitimize that - and these guys, they don't think that anybody is going to figure it out. And now you have - as I mentioned last week - and Josh - I would like his input on this - there was a TV show on NCIS where they were showing - and it was also on American Dad, too, there was another thing like this, too - where they claimed that Al-Qaeda or the Taliban or just anybody - an American citizen - could hack into an unmanned aerial vehicle and override the flight controls and carry out terror attacks with it - and blow things up with it, and so forth.

LS: [laughing] Yeah, anybody can do that who has the codekeys. And then they have the General codekeys, and the codekeys above the General, they manage to get all of these passkeys, and then they manage to get to the central server and convince the AI itself that it needs to stop controlling its UAV and hand it directly over to this person, who has no credentials - nothing that is extrapolateable internally above a 'Guest' - yes, it's supposed to give them 'God' privileges. Riiiiiigghht - yeahhh, uhuh, that's about as possible as non-genetically modified pigs growing wings and flying, OK? There are many safeguards in place for that to ever, ever happen. Number one - you would have to have control of all the DNS root servers in the world. Number two - you have to get him a GPS transmitter encoder - which are classified - which are handed out to people in units on missions that check these things in and out - that the CO hands to them. They're accounted for - they basically are beyond - more classified than nuclear weapons, because these things can guide nuclear weapons? Hello? [chuckling] I mean, not only is there an actual inventory on the nuclear weapons, but the actual GPS transmitters attached to these things are transceivers. They're quite different than the transceivers that are in every single cellphone, or your average GPS little handheld. Nonono - these GPS transceivers are all set to a specific, atomic clock - they all have the exact same atomic time.

Now, basically, what I am disclosing here - which is available through a Freedom of Information Act, and is somewhat public knowledge, although you have to dig, and dig, and dig, and there's one point that is classified - is the fact that to even get in to the DOD network, you have to get a GPS transceiver that basically gives you a reading. And it gives you a time reading along the coordinates. And this time reading is based on the atomic clock. And all of these transceivers are basically tuned to that. Now, even if one knows nothing about molecular physics understands, that all of these clocks are built off the same exact isotope. Which would mean that the DOD would want to keep its isotope in some shed basement in the Pentagon, or Cheyenne Mountain perhaps, wherever the heck they want to keep this thing - that no one else could get to, because this very isotope is the essential codekey to their [inaudible] systems. And without it, you won't get in. You know, if you're caught trying to steal one of these things, or take one of those things off the [inaudible] or the satellite systems uplink, they're shot on the spot. And these keys are the only way into their network - that is the only way to get into network. And not only do you have to be able to get into their network, you will have to have admin (master admin) privileges over UAVs, over specific UAVs, over this specific squadron of the UAVs, that are assigned to your specific unit that you have been given specific control over. If you don't have these permissions, and the computer be able to give it to you - it's next to impossible, without essentially having them put there by a General prior - or a Commanding Officer - prior to emission - having coordinated with like three or four other divisions. Because you're having to deal with the future combat systems - a portion of the military - and those divisions, and you'll have to get them to work with your team, that have to work with your CO team, to find out why your mission is so important that it receives a UAV for. So - basically - yeah, you would have to literally be a Four-star general to be able to outright take control of a UAV. Just by the very nature of the way their permissions are set in their computer systems.

JC: So what you're saying is that a 14-year old with his Nintendo Wii controller probably isn't going to get control of one?

LS: Exactly. Precisely. It's impossible.

JC: Alright, well, let's switch gears for a moment. Because I understand that Josh - you have some updates about the flu pandemic.

LS: Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, couple of things I would like to bring up. A buddy of mine recently forwarded me an article, and I was actually mentioning this to James a little earlier before the show. But Russell Blaylock has an article out as to what to do if you are forcibly vaccinated[3]. And this entire article may very well save your life - he discusses various methods and steps that you can take if you know that you are going to be vaccinated, and upon being vaccinated, what to do to increase your chances of surviving being vaccinated. And I recommend that everybody go Google 'Russell Blaylock', whose website is freely available. And I know it's syndicated by several other sites on the Net. Another site that actually has some very interesting information that it discusses about flu and flu immunity, and how to build your immunity to that - would be Dr Mercola. He is a homeopathic physician who has quite a bit of research and is pretty well world renowned for his skills as a homeopathic physician.

A couple other tips that I would like to bring up - supplements and things - that people should start taking - assuming that you do not have any allergies or that sort of thing - you always want to consult your homeopathic physician in question before you take any of these, if you have any questions. I am not a doctor, just putting that out there, for legal reasons. But this is not medical advice - but that said, things that you can start doing: it was proven that during the flu pandemic of 1917, that one of the only things - and one of the few sections of the populations throughout the world that were found not to be infected - or to have deaths from this - were populations that fed upon European black elderberry. They make it in ???, [inaudible] - that sort of thing - used for lots of other things. You can actually find concentrated black elderberry supplements at your local Whole Foods or your local health food store should have them. Nature's Way has a great capsule, and you can just take them regularly as directed.

Those are really good - that's actually proven. And one of the other interesting things, is - and we'll get into this in a little bit - there was a series of drills put together by the government, called Strong Angel, for exactly this type of thing - basically, incorporate [inaudible] getting the country back on its feet during a pandemic scenario - or in a crisis situation. We'll get to that in a minute - but one of the key players in that - one of the head doctors- actually mentions that there are various mushrooms that grow in the southwestern parts of the Arizona and California that those native peoples had actually eaten. And it was proven during the 1917/1918 pandemic that these Indian tribes who ate this particular type of mushroom - and it escapes me exactly what the name of that is - perhaps Mark can fill that in here in a minute - and they were shown to actually gain immunity to the flu and some of the older people - well, out of the Native-Americans, were the only section of Native Americans not to report a single death. And amongst Americans in general, one of the only communities not to report any fatalities from the flu pandemic.

Now, the key thing here is - and this is the thing about what kills in this flu - OK, excuse me - it's been a long day. The key here is - is that basically, the flu comes around, and people get the flu on a regular basis. Usually, the people who die don't die from the flu - they die from the complications that arise because your immune system becomes overstimulated and becomes burnt-out. And when that happens, pneumonia sets in and people die. And, you know, other bacteria isable to take hold, because your immune system has become so depleted that it can't deal with this. Now, I forget the exact medical term, but basically it's when your immune system becomes overstimulated.

Now, many flus are able to stimulate your immune system to a certain degree - but the average healthy person who gets enough vitamin D, gets their right vitamins, eat well, and that sort of thing, it's usually going to get over with. Now, the thing about the 1917 pandemic flu and that particular strain of the flu, is that it was really, really good at overstimulating the immune system - so that the immune system would go into overdrive immediately upon encountering it. And they have had this strain around for a while. Now, we'll get into the origins of this current flu here in a minute, but basically, this flu - with wipe entire sections of the population out not because of the flu itself, but because of the pneumonia. The immune system would go into overdrive, and you get pneumonia because it would become overstimulated, and on the crash, all of these bacteria would set in and take hold, and you would die.

Now, the key to actually fighting this - is taking things that build your immune system slowly. Things like echinacea and Golden Seal are actually not recommended, because they create a hyper-immune condition, where your immune system is on alert, and [inaudible] creating more antibodies, producing more white blood cells faster - that sort of thing. And it goes into that hypercondition a lot faster. Whereas if you're taking things like black elderberry supplement or these particular mushrooms - that are from that part of the US - then your immune system actually builds things like - and vitamin D is another key factor. A lot of vitamin D is required, because what it will do, is it will allow your immune system to build itself over time. So, naturally, it is used to having this much more of the actual white blood cells, this many more antibodies and P-cells and T-cells on a regular virus - so whenever the infection comes in, you are already at x level, so that if it actually goes to the next level - not hyperlevel, but it increases if you get sick - as it slowly increases, it will be able to overcome it, because you will have more - your immune system will basically be stronger.

That's basically what it does - it builds your immune system over time rather than in quick bursts, or echinacea and things like Goldenseal do. And that's why things like elderberry and fungus are key, along with vitamin D - you want both kinds, vitamin D2 and D3. And another thing that is quite important these days - especially with all of the heavy metal in the air, the food, and God knows what else, is colloidal silver. You can get those supplements online - you want to get them through a reputable source, of course, and that sort of thing.

Lastly, I want to mention of one other thing that is actually quite good at killing bacteria and viruses - it is a true anti-viral, perhaps one of the most powerful anti-virals known to Man. There are perhaps some things stronger, but this is one of the most powerful - and that is oregano oil, OK. Now, be very careful with oregano oil, because people tend to be a bit sensitive to it. I have several friends who are very much into homeopathic medicine, but are very careful with oregano oil, because they are sensitive to it - and it seems to be something somewhat common. So just be a little bit careful with that, but that is a very powerful anti-viral and can have very useful effects in helping to combat the flu, because it works directly on the virus itself. It doesn't build nor boost the immune system, it merely kills the virus. So, that's my little flu thing for a moment - but to throw this in there - some very interesting things about the current flu, and this is why I bring up the pandemic flu from 1918 and 1917. Now, as per various contacts of mine that actually formerly worked at Fort Detrick and now work for the CDC, the current flu that is being released has been released in two parts. And that - gosh, I'm forgetting whose name -

JC: Dr. Horowitz?

LS: Bingo, thank you. Thank you, James. Yes, Dr. Horowitz. That Dr. Horowitz's assessment of the virus is actually spot on, and that the virus itself - that the first half, which was released earlier this year - contains one half of the same pandemic flu virus that was responsible for the 1917 pandemic. It is bound to various other pellets of the flu using mutagen dose - you know, the same dose they use for genetic modification of vegetables - well, they've used this for the flu. And they've attached to it various other insect-type flus which basically created the genetically modified virus that will do exactly what they want. Not only that - it's race-specific. And this has been confirmed - and I cannot reveal the same sources, they asked me not to reveal their names, but they have said, I am more than welcome to repeat the conversations - that basically this flu has been designed to be race-specific, and been designed to be race-specific to such a degree that any Latino or black-skin person who does not die from it immediately - and if you will notice, the only people dying from it are either black or Latino or have those same genes somewhere in their family heritage - are the ones dying from it[4]. But those who don't die are carriers - basically, they become typhoid maries. Now, what this means for the general public is - you see your kid getting the sniffles? This is because the virus has mutated - and this person who hasn't died from it is mutated enough that they are carriers - and so your child gets part of it, and their immune system is being whittled down and whittled down and whittled down by this thing constantly - because it's constantly mutating, it's constantly changing. So even though they designed it to be race-specific, it does mutate - and that is just the nature of viruses in the wild. So it can affect and it's been designed to even affect white people and people of European origin, OK. And eventually their projections figure that by the time they release the second half of it, that the virus will have mutated to the point that it will be able to actually start killing people of European origin.

However, they intend to help it along. Once again, let's remember this is only one half of the 1917 pandemic flu virus. They intend to release the second half of this - basically, as per my friend's exact statement - they intend it to be a 'Christmas present' for the American people. Basically the New World Order's Christmas present for us all, which is quite sick and disgusting. They plan to release the second half - the other half will carry all of the activators that allow it to cease being race-specific. However, there is actually one specific race that it will not affect - and will not kill - and they have done tests. And apparently, people of 100% pure-blood Chinese blood - non-Mongolian - as well as some Japanese - will be completely immune. Isn't that nice? However, everyone else will be experiencing - at least 1/3 of the population - well, deaths in the population. Now, I'm going to actually get to those and where that figures comes from in a minute, because that's a very scary information source in and of itself and a very scary figure. But my friends confirmed that, basically, when this is released, it's going to catalyze, and when the two halves are combined, and it will be quite easy to release - your wonderful flu shot will help - it will combine, and it will wipe out at least 1/3th of the population.

Now, this comes direct from me from a friend - well, several sources, one of them used to work for Fort Detrick, now working for the CDC; there's another person who's still in Fort Detrick who's a mutual friend; and then there are two separate friends who are retired who used to work in various military functions that I cannot discuss, that also confirmed this - now, the last piece of information confirmation comes from a completely public sector source. I believe in the company called New Beginnings. And basically, they are a division of the RAND Corporation. They have put out a document that says that they expect this Winter to be a very harsh flu season, and that they expect that if this pandemic flu hits, this H1N1 pandemic really catches on, that they expect at least 1/3th of the population globally to die. The only exceptions, they say, will be in places that are close to the Equator, that people naturally get enough Vitamine D. And then, people of 100% non-Mongolian Chinese blood, and some Japanese- basically, you know, original Chinese-descended Japanese people will be immune. And these are the only populations that will not see one-third in the decrease. This document and this company is quite interesting, because they have been consulting with multiple enterprises globally and multiple governments, that have been charged with preparing essentially the world for this upcoming pandemic. And they are a division of the RAND Corporation - the very same RAND Corporation that helped bring you PROMIS, and ANSER, and the Department of Homeland Security, and the ARPAnet - otherwise now known as the Internet. Yes, that very same RAND Corporation. And they are the ones who are publicizing this, and taking extreme measures - in fact, there are entire provisions throughout saying that we should expect hostile riots and things in areas that are quarantined, and how to deal with quarantined. The whole nine yards - a very extensive set of white papers as to how governments and corporations must deal with this upcoming pandemic. And, like I said, I believe the name of it is 'The New Beginnings' document and comes from the New Beginnings Corporation, which is a division of RAND.

JC: Well, the obvious question is: why on Earth is this virus being engineered to protect Chinese and Japanese?

LS: Well, that is a really great question. And I have discussed this with a couple of friends of mine and some people, and it really goes along with the fact - if you look at what's happening globally right now, China and Asia - specifically China - is set up to be the new superpower. The US is being set up to take the big fall. I mean, our President gets a Nobel Peace Prize - for nothing - and yet we're denied the Olympics. Doesn't that seem a bit shady too? [chuckling] The global opinion of the United States hasn't changed that much, really, since Bush - a lot of people were happy about Obama, but they still believe the United States is a bunch of warmongering assholes - excuse my language, but yeah [chuckles]. And that's the thing - at this point, we have no real economy - the center of basically everything is moving to China. So, if they all of a sudden destabilize their new superpower, and their new superpower is so destabilized by having to deal with the flu, well, then they can't rise to be the saviors - after all, there has to be some type of savior for this vaccine, you know. The Chinese H5N1 pandemic is the swine flu - so these Chinese people must have grown up with it all their lives. I'm not saying this - I'm just using plausible statements that could be used for future plausible deniability. But the key is - and that is a very good question - is 'Why'? I'm throwing out there possible answers as to why at this moment - the key is - that's a really good question that nobody has been able to answer for me without speculation.

AI: Josh, if I can interject something on that, maybe this would answer part of the question: what about the Chinese so-called 'anti-terror' police that are going to be in the US - how convenient that they're not going to be infected...

LS: Bingo. That is a logical reason as to why, exactly. And it doesn't involve much speculation if any at all - because they have been training - a good friend of both mine and Mark's, Jordan, found an interesting article, have to dig it up again - basically, it talks about the Chinese counter-terrorist unit that are now training in Mexico and Canada specifically for counter-terrorism situations. They are trained - they are issued Segways[5] - you know, those wonderful little unicycle Segways, and they're issued assault weapons, and they're trained to fight homeland terrorism. Now, the most interesting thing is - why on Earth are Chinese Homeland counter-terrorist forces training on the borders of the United States in Mexico and Canada? Why can't they just train in China? Hmmm - perhaps because that's who's going to come in - just like Mark said - that's exactly who they're going to use. And since these people are naturally immune, you don't have to worry about giving them some type of vaccine that you know is going to kill them and contains the virus. That's another key here - that the flu vaccine designed for H1N1 is not designed to actually prevent it.

We have a culture that has been conditioned to believe that vaccines will save us from everything. How convenient a place for them to hide their virus. And that's actually going to be their distribution means. You keep seeing these ferrets and things die - and this Baxter coverup and all these things - these animals the vaccine gets tested on automatically die. Isn't there a little warning bell that should be going off in people's heads here? And here's the thing - you have enough people in the general population who are getting their flu vaccine, who doesn't listen to reason. People, sadly, like my dad, who are like - 'Oh, I've got my flu vaccine already!' - who will willingly lie down and take the vaccine. So you get at least a third of the population right there - and that's enough to spread it globally. I mean, just sit next to somebody - the flu is airborne - just sit next to somebody who has been vaccinated - and now has it. They've just had their flu shot - they're in the incubation stage. Well, little do you know - you have just been incubated as well, because you know, they're breathing up the viruses and you're breathing them in.

Yeah - real simple - real simple for that to happen, and real simple distribution. And that's the point, though -that would make a lot of sense. You create it so that it's race-specific - so that you have a clean-up force. Because - exactly - if the rest of every other population in the world has this problem, and for some reason, China is immune - and you can make up whatever story - the China gets to be the world's savior. Hmm - isn't that convenient? They've designed their ultimate socialist society - this, admittedly, by people like Alex Jones and others, have said that China is the model - that the New World Order is using. Well, now that they have their model perfectly in place, they're going to use their little Chinese plebs - no offense to the Chinese, especially if you're one of those Chinese people who work in the lay - don't consider yourself a pleb, this is not targeted at you - but the point being that, on the whole, they go along. And these little soldiers will be used to carry out their orders here, and be our saviours. Yes, they'll save us from all the horrible homegrown terrorists. We've gone crazy with the flu, ohhh yes. There's another little thing right there - there's another little piece of psychological conditioning - well, it's not so much psychological conditioning, just a natural effect. People know that whenever you're sick with the flu, you have a fever - you become delirious. And people might just be prone to do whatever when they're delirious. Reasonable and rational people become insane and irrational when they're delirious and have the flu, you know. So, that's a great scapegoat for many, many an instance - and many, many an false-flag would easily be blamed upon crazy flu victims.

AI: A few things I want to mention regarding this, too - look at Associated Free Press. Not long ago, they had an article that was titled: 'Empire State Building turns red-yellow for China's 60th anniversary of Communism[6]'. So there's a correlation to that.

LS: Yeah, why the heck are we celebrating Communism? I mean, whatever happened to the Cold War [chuckles]? Weren't we supposed to be the - is that not why we went into Vietnam, Korea? Isn't that why we had the Cold War? I'm sorry, go ahead, I just...

AI: The other thing is, back when we were talking about Strong Angel III earlier, and Josh can comment on some of this, because there is a particular video - if it's still on YouTube, you can watch it - if you just type in Strong Angel III, and look for - well, actually I can put up links for this podcast. But basically, there's an interview with the director of the program, Dr. Eric Rasmussen. And when you listen to what he says, and watch him, and so forth, it seems like he's - he comes off as kinda like a neutral individual - it doesn't seem like he's pro-New World Order, so to speak. Well, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's like: "Well, what is that supposed to mean?". Well, what is interesting is - if you read their actual, official document for that entire exercise - they have their own website,, there's a document called the 'SAIII Working Report 2006[7]'. There's an excerpt form there which I'll read that has a couple of things that we were talking about - all summed up in one paragraph. And it's Chapter 26, and it's called 'Boosting Immune Confidence'.

Many interesting topics not directly addressed within the Strong Angel demonstration appeared during the preparation or aftermath. As an example, one suggestion coming to us for responding to the avian influenza scenario was to increase population-based immune competency as a method for reducing epidemic spread. Several natural and inexpensive substances have demonstrated effectiveness against a wide range of pathologic agents, and this possibility was discussed with Anthony Fauci at Davos last January. The initial possibilities suggested include mushroom extracts from Fomitopsis officianalis,(significant anti-viral properties based on studies at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, 2005), L-glutamine+PAK (piridoxal-α-ketoglutarate), standard antioxidants, and other inexpensive supplements that appear to have benefit in peer-reviewed research and are unlikely to cause harm. As far as we can see, there is not much effort expended on research toward making a vulnerable population more resistant to illness. Given the difficulties in mass vaccination and mass care, such investigations seem warranted.

So he's acknowledging that - the people that compiled this document that are part of this program, which is, again, under the directors - is Dr Eric Rasmussen; Dr Eric Rasmussen is in the Navy, he's a Navy Medical Officer - he's making note of the fact that the government wants to mass vaccinate, but is having difficulties and is making mention of natural remedies and stating that investigations into why we're not being informed of such things is warranted. So why would someone that's - and the thing that is important to note - is that the whole exercise - this was an exercise that was inter-agency. It involved DHS, it involved the collaboration with Northern Command. So you have someone that is involved with this, that is not totally - doesn't come off like he's hardcore-like 'death camp, this is New World Order, we're killing you' - he's coming off like having an objective type of perspective towards that. So I thought that was a very key thing in that document, and there's a lot of other interesting information in there too. And Josh, before he comments, I want him to also make a comment on this, too: in reference to the RAND-affiliated company, the New Beginnings - in that same document that you were referring to, they mention the use of firefighters being used to administer vaccines, because of the inherent public trust in firefighters.

LS: [chuckles] Exactly. And not only do they do that, but they even go as far as to say that they will need to use firefighters - mainly firefighters - because DHS and policeofficers will be too 'busy' dealing with people and current situations. And that they expect that even the police's own numbers will be so overwhelmed by this, that only basically the firefighters will be the only ones left that they can turn to. And the other reason behind it is - as you stated - because of the existing public trust that people have for firefighters. You know, these are your average Joe, they're here to protect you, they don't want to hurt you, they want to save you - and that's their job. And to them - that's all they're doing. These people have no clue that they're going to be injecting you with something that's literally designed to kill you. All they know - is that this is what going to save you. And they're not told anything else - and the average firefighter doesn't want to hear, and has been conditioned not to believe mumbo-jumbo - or think that, the idea that vaccines are toxic is mumbo-jumbo. That's the thing, you know - society readily mocks it. They put out films like Toxic Skies - yeah, I know people have tauted it as being a wonderful piece - but, the wife and I saw it the other day, and gosh, this really mitigates the whole thing. Now, you know, when people talk about chemtrails, they go "Oh, like that movie Toxic Skies. That was a funny movie, man", or whatever somebody thinks about the movie. They're no longer able to associate that that's really going on. That's one of the other great things - you put something in a movie like that, and basically you discredit the subject, because the instant it goes into a fictional movie, people will always go: "Oh, just like in that movie". And, you know, you try and tell them: "Nono, but it's happening in real-life". And then they go: "Oh,oh,oh just like in the movie, man". And they don't think about it - they don't lend it any more credence.

JC: Absolutely. And that happens time and time again with so many different subjects. And you even see just ridiculous things like The Last Starfighter where the kid is recruited to be part of defending the galaxy because he was good at a videogame. And now, of course, we see that coming up, with the army recruiting people based on their performance in videogame simulations, and recruiting them to run these UAVs, and things like that. And it happens time and time again. So what do you guys think about hacker movies, or movies based on hacking and cybersecurity and those type of things?

LS: That's - OK, I'll let Mark comment first, but I have some things to say... [chuckles] Unless you want me to say something, go ahead, Mark.

AI: Yeah, I'll say something regarding that. There's quite a few of them - you have Sneakers, you have The Net from 1995 with Sandra Bullock - that's a very key one right there. And one of the most recent ones is the one with Bruce Willis that is Live Free or Die Hard. But I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before - but, anybody can do - this is very important, BTW, that everybody sees this. If you do a search for 'Ptech built supply chain infrastructure[8]', if you do a search for that in Google, you'll find a video that I merged together from some official videos from Unisys talking about enterprise architecture and artificial intelligence and their integration, and takeover of all systems and so forth. I inserted a clip from The Net in there due to its total relevancy to it - it kind of helps makes everything make sense to someone that is not familiar with what this is really about. And a lot of the elements in The Net - with all of the identity theft and everything - that is from 1995, that is like way ahead of its time and so forth. What they're basically talking about - is, well, everything that is happening now. And without saying it, a lot of it was alluding to the capabilities of PROMIS back then, and now the successors of that. So if Josh wants to comment on that..?

LS: Yeah, definitely. [chuckles] I had a couple of other things - a couple of other titles. Yeah, basically, the Hacker movies themselves - which are interesting pieces of work. The whole first one (Hackers) is basically total fiction - and does a really good bang-up job of helping to condition people to think that the average 14-year old can get into your system, and turn on the sprinklers, or turn off the sprinklers for the whole school, or whatever - or set off the fire alarms. And that alone is impossible for many other reasons - just because, especially - those are the heat-sensitive sprinklers. You know, the [inaudible]? Right, right - physical [inaudible]. But, you know, that's one of the little things - a lot of the stuff in the movie is all fictionalized and is basically one big psy-op piece.

Now, we'll follow this up with another big psy-op piece, that this is meant to be demonify and glorify hackers all at once. Very interesting movie in and of itself - it is known as Hackers 2, but most people don't realize that it was actually a Hackers movie, and it was the Kevin Mitnick story. Now, Kevin Mitnick - interesting little individual - a friend of mine actually dealt with the guy - he wasn't really that smart, didn't really know that much about computers, wasn't really that good at social engineering, despite what the movie makes him out to see like. But he ran his mouth, and would basically do almost anything to get fame. So, ??? [inaudible] ??? made him a good target - you know, for basically, [inaudible] his friends - well, he didn't really have many friends. A lot of people didn't really like him - they just strung him along behind his back - anyway, had fun with the guy. Basically, several of his friends got a hold of PROMIS - the actual source code of PROMIS, OK? And what happened from that point was - Kevin Mitnick stole the code off the Linux servers and wiped their drive. And it ended up being a whole little hacking war - and he basically also at the same time had also gained access to a code - basically, a piece of PROMIS that was unencrypted at the time - that allowed him - and basically, anyone that had it - to utilize a function - well, a product feature, I should say - in the cell carrier networks. It basically was a code built in by Nokia, Qualcomm, AT&T and several others, to allow police and law enforcement to dial into your cellphone and trunk it, without anyone knowing - so that they can listen in just by knowing a specific set code - an access code, kinda like a username and password. So if they had a password to the PROMIS system, they could get in - and this is one facet of it.

So he had access to this - and they claimed that he used this little piece of the PROMIS system. Meanwhile, granted, they had control of the whole thing, so they could shut him down any time, and any time he accessed it, they had control - they could have changed his password. So it's all bull - so basically, they knew that his friends had gotten a hold of PROMIS. The government itself knew that he was a [inaudible] - they basically used him sort of as the patsy. They wanted to see if he could crack the code, because while at the same time they didn't necessarily want it to leak, they were hoping that maybe it might leak - which would give them the ultimate sheer false-flag of all. "Look, this piece of code - blablabla. And now it's in the hands of hackers - this is perfect, we can blame it on anybody. Meanwhile, we just changed all the codes in the background, so those codes are all broken - don't work anymore , and we have plausible deniability".

But it never happened. He never managed to crack it. He went as far as to come to North-Carolina - managed to use the knowledge that he had and the access that he had already gained in the PROMIS software - which was essentially given to them - because these are really - and you know, the movie harps on his social engineering and how he's a wonderful hacker and this charming person who can knock the socks off everybody - and basically, he was not that. He was just a fat slob who was very arrogant. [chuckles] And he managed to get himself access to MC-REN - MC-REN in basically the North Carolina Research Electronic Network. It is the predecessor for the GiG (Global Information Grid), it is the prototype for the GiG - all of the GiG's technology has been tested first in North-Carolina on MC-REN. Why, you must ask? Well, that's because this little spot North-Carolina called RTP has more fiber in the ground than Silicon Valley - has more IT tech companies in it than Silicon Valley, has more drug companies than most other places in the entire country - and in fact, in the entire world. So, EAS, [inaudible] - a slew of others are there. General Electric, RAND, IBM, Sun Oracle are also there, just to name a few. It's researched [inaudible] - you can look it up - and about three or four years ago, maybe two, it surpassed Silicon Valley for revenue, OK? This is the core of IT - the core of IT is not in California - it hasn't been since the '90s - since Silicon Valley had its big boom in the '80s and went bust - that was it. It moved to North Carolina of all places.

Now, MC-REN - because it was a grid, because it was - oh my gosh - a gridded GiG - sorry, micro GiG, which had the GiG's prototype - had all of these supercomputers on a GiG that talked to each other. So it had the compute power - of you know - it was basically the only system he could find that had the compute power necessary to crack the encryption on PROMISE's source code. [chuckling] Imagine that. So he came all the way to North-Carolina to try to get it done, and apparently, according to the news and what they say, they managed to catch him before he managed to crack it. And in the end, they make it out like they were watching him, and basically, the whole point that he thought he was uploading it somewhere else to save it, and he was really uploading it to a tracer and all of that - well, that was pretty much true except from the get-go - they were probably running and uploading it to tracers, basically giving him back-access to that same, you know, trace - you know, to that same little honeypot as they call them, basically. Which is - a honeypot in computer security is basically like a trap - you put out a pot of honey for a bear, you know, and you put it in a bear trap. So the bear goes - grabs the honey pot - the bear trap plunges closes on his arm, and caught. Same idea - except electronically and digitally, and that sort of thing.

So, basically, they catch him and there's this whole hubbub: "We caught this amazing hacker. He had this thing - he stole this source code - blablabla - a good thing he never released it because it was a virus that could basically create backdoors into any system'. Which was essentially PROMIS - and it was used by the government to basically further Ptech - well, to evolve into Ptech and was essentially the very core software that allowed all of these wonderful SAA computers and banking systems and all of these other systems to be controlled by one single entity on 9/11. So, basically, he had in his possession - and this is what made Mitnick special - the very source code that had the right hand actually gotten ahold of it - and been able to access it in time - might have been able to actually disassemble and completely destroy their entire AI system - basically setting them back for another 30 years. But, since that didn't happen, and they managed to 'catch him'. And of course, ran a dragnet and caught all of his little friends - yeah, that's the part they don't tell you in the movie, is that basically, after he was arrested, all of the people who were associated with him that were the people who really gotten the software were arrested and sent to jail. Meanwhile, Mitnick ends up spending a few years in jail, and gets out - now runs an IT consulting company that does consulting for the NSA, the TIA, and the DoD - imagine that. Meanwhile, his friends are still rotting in jail. Now, yet another thing that isn't shown in that movie.

Now, let's get off Hackers 2 and go onto Hackers 3. Which is interesting - because it's basically just a bunch more Hollywood drama and it's all made to demonify, basically, Microsoft - the company itself that is the target of the movie called Hackers: Antitrust. It's very similar to Microsoft - except instead of hostile takeovers, the head of the Microsoft-like company assassinates people and steals their code - which is meant to demonify software makers and major software corporations. So that basically, the public doesn't fully trust the security or the systems put out by Microsoft. Now, this can work two-fold, of course - if they were to truly distrust it enough to stop using it, then their whole plan would be killed, of course. But since it's a movie, of course, and noone really lends any credence to that: "Yeah, Microsoft really couldn't have a backdoor in all of my systems. Ohhh no, they're just incompetent". But at the same time - they set that up - and believe me, I'm sure Bill Gates has met many a person murdered in his time - his friend Billary[9] liked to make it a regular event apparently, and even goes as far as to have twelve-year olds look like they fall asleep on railroad tracks whenever they so happened to watch Ms. Clinton do drug deals with her friends. That was an interesting Fox News piece that came out before they got elected, that was suppressed - and if memory serves, the reporter who put together that article is also dead now. How convenient.

But yeah - that's a little offtopic, but yeah. I mean, a lot of the movies are out there are meant to basically condition the public to believe what they want them to think: that the average hacker or the average cybergeek is your 14-year old kid who grows up to be the 35-year old slob who lives in his mothers' basement who has no life, who has no job, who never really gets anywhere in life, and that couldn't be the farthest thing from the truth. The average kid who goes into computers spends his childhood in computers, grows up to have a job working for companies like IBM, making 50 to 60 dollars an hour, never having to worry about hand-outs from anybody, never having to really steal unless they really want to in their kleptomania. Never having to do anything but actually work - and becomes a productive member of the society, believe it or not. Because - that's one of the few industries where experience outweighs degrees. People will come out of college night-and-day and I've seen it time and time again, the guy who comes out of college is the first one off the job site, because he has no clue what the heck he is doing. He's doing it by the textbook - it doesn't work - and he doesn't know how to fix it without the textbook. And those are the people who basically don't get the job, and those are the people that get pissed off, and those are usually the people who get put into managerial roles. Ain't that interesting, and yes [chuckling].

But the point is - that, by demonifying these people who would grow up to be or grow up to be actual outstanding members of the community - and you grow up to be IT Personnel of the future who are able to do things, and these are the real hackers - you're basically convincing the population that being smart is a bad thing. That is yet another way to create a population that believes intelligence is bad. And that's part of our whole culture - they make fun of smart people. The nerd, the geek is the guy with glasses, dispensers who can never get a girl - unless it's Revenge Of The Nerds.

AI: That's a good point, Josh.

LS: Yeah. So, go ahead.

AI: In the limited time that we have, there are several things I wanna mention real quick. I'll just kind of amalgamate them together, and then Josh can comment on this however he wants to. This is one of the things here I wanna talk about - teleworking - because it ties into - this is part of the problem/reaction/solution thing that goes with the flu and roll-out of Internet2. This official document from Homeland Security - I'm just going to read to you what it is right here - and I'll put this up later along with the podcast source information. This is by the Under Secretary for Management, Elaine C. Duke, this was from September 10th of this year[10]. The subject is Teleworkweek, September 21th to September 27th, 2009:

"I encourage you to have managers and supervisors review their Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans and telework agreements with eligible employees, and then have as many employees as feasible spend at least one day teleworking during the week of September 21, 2009. This telework week is an opportunity to test COOP procedures as well as the capability of our information technology infrastructure.As part of this week-long test, it is important that managers and supervisors ensure telework agreements are in place for employees who fall into the mission critical status. Being able to telework is an important part of our preparedness planning for contingencies such as the current H1N1 pandemic. It is also an opportunity to advocate telework as a business strategy that can have a positive impact on morale and improve organizational efficiency. For more information, visit the DHS Telework Web site at

Now, backing up for a second, going back talking about Strong Angel III for a moment, OK? There was a question that was posed to the organizers of Strong Angel III that is in the PDF file. And I will read to you what it says:

Q. Why was the particular scenario of a spreading contagious virus and simultaneous cyber attack chosen for Strong Angel III? Is there an indication of increased threat against the U.S. and/or participating nations regarding these kinds of dangers?

A. The pandemic and cyber attack scenarios were selected from a range of possibilities because they gave the simplest and most relevant opportunity to exercise resilience, self-reliance, and trans-boundary cooperation[11].

I'll let you figure out what that is. That's - trans-boundary cooperation? Welcome to CWID (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration) - welcome to the purpose of the CWID drills - coalition task forces. In Northern Command's official documents - I mentioned this to Alex Jones, well no, I didn't mention it, I was trying to get on the air to his show about this. I have made publicly known on the forums, and now it's even more than this. But in Northern Command's official documents from 2007/2008 and possibly 2006, they openly admit that they have the forces and enclaves - and what they call enclaves - comprising at least six other nations - other than the United States. The echelon nations including Finland, and maybe one other one. And all of these are integrated through their communications infrastructure, all routed through something called MNIS-JPO, which is Multinational Information Sharing Joint Program Office in Arlington, Virginia - the communications HQ for global martial law and mass genocide across the world. That's where it will be run through - MNIS-JPO. They just - they tell you all their stuff. It's - there are multiple purposes to the implementation, these exercises - with flu plus cyberattack, it's not just the source I mentioned there. You can do a search for that on the Internet and you can find numerous references - Booz Allen Hamilton in 2006 ran computer simulation drills of the same things.

And the other thing that ties into this too is: people don't realize this, this is one of the things that everybody needs to understand, OK? The New World Order has conditioned the American people that drills are a normal part of daily life, like they're just a 'routine drill', like that guy at the Potomac there that was on TV when Obama was nearby and they were saying that a gun was fired somewhere off a ship[12]. Here's the thing - all of these drills are - they're all precursors to false flags - they're all executed so that they will be able to carry out false flags, so that they will have multiple or plausible deniability. They're all illegitimate. Instead of just going out and protesting the Federal Reserve and so forth, there should be people protesting drills. If you hear National Level Exercise 09, there should have been 100.000 people out there to tell FEMA to go to Hell, tell Northern Command go to Hell. You're unconstitutional, you're traitors - get the hell out of the United States. General Renuart: he needs to be arrested, get these people out of here. You're not protecting the United States. If you do searches for the term 'red team', you're gonna find out that they have - there's hundreds of references to 'red teams' being used and they actually will just admit that they have successfully carried out attacks.

There's a real significant thing - where there was a test that Homeland Security did - and this is real important too - I want Josh to comment on this before we run out of time - where they ran a cyberattack test against like a multi-million dollar Diesel generator. And they blew the generator up. And the video was leaked to CNN - this was last year I believe[13][14]. And it was originally for official use only. DHS slapped it with 'classified' - the video is no longer available. I looked for it - unless someone can manage to find it. There's pictures of the generator blowing up, and this is very serious, because what they did - and we talked about this on Piercing The Darkness - they changed the AC signwave frequency to deviate substantially enough from its 60Hz signwave to cause the damn thing to explode. Now, they can use their enterprise - their backdoored AI - on all of the systems, hack into the power grid - I had evidence that was done in 2003 with PROMIS in the Northeast. You know what they can do, folks? They don't need to use EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) - they don't need to set off a nuke 200.000 feet up in the air. All they have to do, is change the AC signwave frequency to your power, and every piece of your electronics is destroyed in your house - everything will be gone, instantly.

LS: 5Hz, that's the deviation. Five Hertz. It is within - there's a tolerance of 45 to 60Hz on all electrical devices. If you go to 40Hz or 65Hz, you are precisely out of range just enough to make everything blow. 5Hz - not hard to do. Really not hard to do. I mean, yeah - it can be done with a simple ham radio. Granted, ham radio costs a bunch of money, and I damn sure don't have one. But that's the thing - the entire grid - now is the whole point - and this is one of the other key facets as to why Mr Rockefeller and Westinghouse and the rest of these people have problems with [Nikola] Tesla's idea of wireless power, you see. Because, had things been built to his specs, you would have the converter or the power on every pulse, and every device would be able to determine exactly what type of power it needed at what frequency. And that would actually create complete security for this sort of thing. However - because you have wires, and everything has to be tuned to exactly the same exact frequency. If it is not - the whole thing goes haywire. And you see - tuning just out of whack on this end will cause harmonic vibrations throughout the whole system, so you can literally do it at one power plant and have an entire grid go down [chuckles] miles and miles and miles away.

AI: [interjecting] There's a specific term...

LS: Kinda like the 2003 blackout - the one where that world generator they say in Ohio just happened to have a mass overshort of power. Yeah - the one that from the scenes of the site more than likely almost melted down. Yes, that's likely why why we're actually through that area right about that time - and you could tell the whole place was radiation-wide. I mean, it was ridiculous. Yeah, I mean, I didn't have a Geiger counter with me, but whenever I got back, I had a friend of mine go over the car. And he's like: "Dude, that radiation level! Were you guys near anywhere weird?". But basically, the point being is, they had a nice little blackout there from 2002 to 2003. It would be very easy to create a signwave loop condition in the electrical equipment managing that generator, and the cascade effect would just trickle down the power lines, because it's all harmonics. And it's already been put out - it's kind of like you drop a pebble in the water - the ripples keep going. Once you dropped it, it's too late - the ripples ripple through. Same principle - same effect - except you're dealing with pieces of steel - which vibrate much, much faster. So it happens x many times faster - and that is the key.

AI: Exactly.

LS: [going on, giving the floor to AI] So... go ahead.

AI: I just wanna mention - there's the electronics that were specifically mentioned on this attack on this generator, and where there's a lot of - you will see this term come up in a lot of documents. You can search for this term along with 'Infragard' or 'CSIS' or type in 'James Lewis' and this term, and you will see all kinds of stuff. It's SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). These are the means - these are the control mechanisms in power distribution components that they're talking about - need to be completely re-engineered from the ground up and put on the Internet. They're complaining that they're not on the Internet - we need to have them on the Internet - so that we can get everything into to where we can access them from a command center somewhere.

LS: Exactly.

JC: Alright, guys, we have five minutes left, so any final comments or things you'd like to point out to the listeners before we wrap out?

LS: Yeah, a couple of things that I'd like for people to be aware of. There are several state legislatures that are considering bills that would make vaccination for H1N1 pandemic flu mandatory. Find out if your state is one of them, and try to do everything you can to get a grass-roots movement to oppose it. And on the cybernote - we've gotten into so much depth this evening, it'd be hard to really pick to target and try to rehash in the limited amount of time we have, but go ahead and research the things we've talked about. Throw them into Google and look it up - I mean, don't believe things we say - look it up, look it up for yourself. We've done the research, and we looked into things, but at the same time - we aren't perfect, and you know, we do our best to make sure everything's necessary, and everything is to a tee as best as we can. There are people who are complaining - 'Well, why didn't this thing happen at this time in real-time?'. And you've gotta realize - there are many documentaries out there - timelines are one thing that are impossible to pin-point. So that's the one thing that we don't try to go by too much. But we do have lots of sources to confirm those as well. And everything else - you know - that is totally documented and totally accredited. So, I'll leave it at that.

JC: And Mark, do you have anything to add?

AI: I just wanted to mention that the term 'telework' - that might seem like it's not too clear what the significance of that is. But the whole gist of that is that it's part of their illegitimate preparedness thing - I mean, it's 100% the result of their planned false flag where they're talking about critical personnel that operate critical infrastructure, say, like the ISP backbones, or the Internet Service Providers, or just First Responders or people that work in the Department of Defense. Or people and employees that work at the power companies, for example. They're saying that - that you need to be able to manage your duties in your job remotely. And they've been working on this for many years. And the idea of it is that - from the way they're saying it, is that if we're going to be quarantining people, well, that means that there's obviously not going to be any people in these various areas. So, how is the country going to keep running? Well, the answer is remotely through these routers and so forth that - like Juniper Networks - has all these IPv6 Homeland Security Directive-compliant protocols to where they can enable classified information access to [inaudible, Josh chiming in]. You want to comment on that?

LS: Well, yeah, they have all these new remote working systems - these new VPNs (Virtual Private Network) and all this stuff. And yes, IPv6 facilitates that, and makes that a lot more powerful. Yes, Juniper is at the forefront of all that - they're one of the top people in this. And they've just come out with a new web-accessable VPN system that makes it easy enough so that the average employee - all they need is a webbrowser. And it basically does everything for you - it establishes a remote tunnel, all you need is your login and password. Granted, password can be substituted for key ??? - any means of secure authentication mechanism one would choose. But, that's the point - they are at the forefront of making VPN technology accessible to the common person - and they've done a really bang-up job on it. And that facilitates this whole thing - that facilitates the whole telework, that facilitates their whole network. There you go.

JC: Alright, guys. Well, we are out of time. So, it's been a pleasure having you on, as always. And of course, I'd like to remind my listeners - and anyone who is listening to this right now - that they can go to the homepage and look under the Documentation for this interview to find a link to the thread on the Prison Planet forum that will contain all of the documents and things that we've talked about today. So guys, it's great having you on once again, and I'd like to thank you for being here and sharing your wonderful research.

LS: Ah, it's been a pleasure James, thank you very much.

AI: It's been a pleasure, James, thank you.

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