A Fresh Look At Empiricism
A Fresh Look At Empiricism


Bertrand Russell




Propaganda, Social engineering, World government



A Fresh Look At Empiricism is a collection of essays and writings by Bertrand Russell between 1927 and 1946.

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On education and propaganda Edit

""Education is a potent means of propaganda for the State, enabling people in later life to read the newspapers and thus become susceptible to any point of view which the holders of power desire to promote." p387[1]

On world government and government encroachment of civil liberties Edit

"..but if, as seems probable, a world government is ultimately achieved, the increased possibilities of direction from the centre will become highly beneficial. I think one must expect that the Government will continue to acquire an increasing control over the lives of individuals as it has done during the past century. The result may possibly be a dwarfing of the individual in comparison with the community." p387[2]

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