Bertrand Arthur William Russell was a British Lord and philosopher.

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Bertrand Russell is quoted in Glanville Williams' book, The Sanctity Of Life And The Criminal Law, as having said:

"The ideas of eugenics are based on the assumption that men are unequal, while democracy is based on the assumption that they are equal"
Purportedly, he was very much in support of eugenics.[citation needed]

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BBC Reith Lecture: Authority And The Individual (1948) Edit

Bertrand Russell gave the first BBC Reith Lecture in 1948, entitled Authority and the Individual (also available in book form[1]). It concerns how society ought to be controlled, and outlines the history of man.[2][3]

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Aman (1967) Edit

Bertrand Russell made a cameo appearance playing himself in the anti-war Bollywood film Aman, released in India in 1967.

Notable works Edit

Title Date ISBN
Free Thought And Official Propaganda 1923
Marriage and Morals 1929
The Scientific Outlook 1931 041524997X (ISBN-10)
The Impact of Science on Society 1952 0404054668 (ISBN-10)
A Fresh Look At Empiricism 1996 0415094089 (ISBN-10)

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