Carroll Quigley was a professor at Georgetown University, and was permitted to write two books on previously undisclosed material regarding World War II and certain hidden organizational groups' meddling in public and foreign affairs within the US and England.

During his 1992 acceptance speech, Bill Clinton named Carroll Quigley as an important influence on his political agenda and ambitions.[1]

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Anonymous 1974 interview Edit

A 1974 audio recording of a frank discussion between Carrol Quigley and a fellow student of his exists on the Internet[2]. In the interview, Quigley mentions how the plates of his original book were destroyed by the publisher after a small initial print; his legal troubles with an unauthorised Cliff's Notes version of Tragedy & Hope, The Naked Capitalist (which he accused of misrepresenting his views or construing them outside of their original context); secret societies like the Bavarian Illuminati and the Great Seal on the back of the dollar bill. During the entire interview Quigley repeatedly interjected to his student he could not divulge all the details he knew and was afraid he might put his career or life in jeopardy by saying too much.

Notable works Edit

Title Date ISBN
Tragedy & Hope 1966 0913022144 (ISBN-10)
The Anglo-American Establishment 1981 0916728501 (ISBN-10)

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