Edwin Black is an award-winning New York Times-bestselling American author and investigative journalist. He is best known for his books on eugenics: IBM And The Holocaust, and War Against The Weak.

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NPR: Tavis Smiley - Eugenics and the 'War Against the Weak' (September 18, 2003) Edit

In this 8-minute short interview, Edwin Black talks about his book, War Against the Weak, and how the Nazi's concept of a superior Nordic race actually originated in America and was popularized by 'philanthrophic' institutions such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Foundation and Ford Foundation. He also goes into the co-ercive sterilisation practices that occurred in the United States and how members of 'dysgenic stocks' were forced to work for little to no monetary gain on forced labor camps.[1]

Alex Jones Show (July 20, 2007) Edit

(Interview starts at 10:00): Alex Jones talks to Edwin Black about the eugenics movement and how it went largely underground after World War II. Subjects that are brought to Black's attention by Alex include Dr. Eric Pianka's controversial statements regarding a mass culling of the human population.[citation needed] They also go into a brief interlude on the origins of biometrics/fingerprinting (Francis Galton).[2].

Notable works Edit

Title Date ISBN
The Transfer Agreement 1984 0914153013 (ISBN-10)
IBM And The Holocaust 2001 0914153102 (ISBN-10)
War Against The Weak 2003 0914153064 (ISBN-10)


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