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Michael Corbin: And good Friday to you. And today, as I promised, we’re gonna have a really powerful program. The watchword today is “political corruption” [chuckles]. That’s kinda like the watchword everyday but “political corruptions” is what we’re gonna be looking at today. And we’re gonna look at some significant corruption. We’re gonna be talking with a person you’re familiar with here. You’re familiar with her, but this material you’re going to hear today has never ever been published or broadcast. And it is the culmination of several years of intense research. It’s kind of interesting that the program that we’re doing is falling on the day that it is today, October the 28th because Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, had an indictment in his hand Friday morning and was standing before District Judge Thomas Hogan, who must sign off on the worst official charges in a leak in the CIA operative’s identity more than 2 years ago. I’m reading this article from Fox News[1].

"Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig told FOX News that Fitzgerald was set to present the charge against Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, later Friday morning. The indictment was expected to charge Libby with a felony for making false statements to mislead the Grand Jury."

This is just the tip of iceberg, folks.

"Fox News has learned that Libby will step down as Cheney’s Chief of Staff, and a replacement will be named as early as Saturday. The Vice President’s office will release a statement when the indictment is handed down. President Bush is expected to remark on the case in this afternoon today. Now the charge is based on the assertion that Libby was not up front with the Grand Jury about when he first learned the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Sources told FOX News on Friday Libby had first told the Grand Jury that he learned her identity from reporters, but his own notes later showed he learned her identity from Cheney. Karl Rove, President Bush’s top political aide, is being spared from criminal charges on Friday. But the possibility he would later be charged remained open."

This is very interesting, folks.

"The Special Council has advised Mr. Rove that he has made no decision about whether or not to bring charges and that Mr. Rove’s status is not changed. Mr. Rove will continue to cooperate fully with the Special Council’s efforts to complete the investigation. “We are confident that when the Special Council finishes his work, he will conclude that Mr. Rove has done nothing wrong."

That’s according to Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin who said in a statement that he released Friday.

"Reports have indicated that Fitzgerald would keep Rove under investigation. According to a source familiar with the court, the Grand Jury, set to expire on Friday, is a regular Grand Jury that has already had one extension of it’s term."

It cannot be extended beyond this day. That means that Fitzgerald would have to call for a new jury or simply proceed without any jury at all if he wanted to continue to pursue Rove. So you see how this game is played? This is a game.

"Documents relating to the case were expected to be released at or shortly after noon EDT on Friday. The documents were being released at the Department of Justice and the US District Court. Last week Fitzgerald set up a website for the public to view documents relating to the investigation. Fitzgerald is holding a 2 PM EDT conference (which is about noon today here Mountain Time) to discuss the Grand Jury’s activities. The White House said they would comment on Friday’s activities after Fitzgerald speaks."

Now that is just the surface of the magnitude of this problem. Living true to our name, “A Closer Look”, we are going to take a closer look at what’s really going on here. Because a lot of people are saying, “Well, sure. A couple of people got killed in the outing of Valerie Plame. But so what?” Well, I’ve got to tell you that it goes much deeper than that. As we know, Patrick Fitzgerald is the Special Prosecuter in what is being dubbed at the Plamegate Incident. Now, the significance of Plamegate in the bigger picture destroyed a global weapons of mass destruction search team which is kind of a pattern of the Bush crime family cabal in the last 50 years. We’re talking about conspiracy, collusion, cover-up. For example, one angle that we’re gonna be doing today, we’re going to be looking at core sets of patterns and also the same high level operatives, about 50-200 of them, old and new organizations, and a new cadre of indebted, controlled, foot-political soldiers. That is what lies ahead on the program today because I will be joined here momentarily by Indira Singh. As I said before, you’ll know that name, Indira Singh because... and I’m just gonna give you a real short recap of who she is. Indira is an IT specialist. And she was working for JP Morgan Chase bank in New York. She’d been contracted by them to design an artificial intelligence software system that would work in real time in Chase Manhattan’s banks all over the world. And it would be something that would detect fraud at the teller level or what have you. And it was through that job, that contract that she had, that she learned about a company in Boston called Ptech. Well what you’ve heard so far, again is just scratching the surface of a much, much bigger picture. And that is what we’re gonna be talking about with her today as I said before. This material has never been made public. It’s never been broadcast before. So you’re gonna hear it here first on this program. So without further adieu, let’s go to my guest, Indira Singh. Good morning Indira. And thank you for being with me on the program today.

Indira Singh: Good morning Michael. Thanks for having me back.

MC: No problem. Now what I did was I started out here talking about this grand jury and the Plamegate investigator Patrick Fitzgerald.

IS: Right.

MC: And we’re talking about the idea that, as I understand it, Libby Scooter is probably gonna be definitely indicted today but they’re holding off on Carl Rove. The kicker here, what I find really interesting and puzzling, is that the grand jury’s term expires today.

IS: That’s correct.

MC: So the only way that they can continue an investigation of Karl Rove is to do it either, kind of, solo, without a grand jury, which I don’t think is going to happen. And what I’d like to do is let’s back into this conversation that we’re gonna have today. Let’s start out with Patrick Fitzgerald. Who is this character?

IS: Well Patrick Fitzgerald is someone that I’ve had in my crosshairs since he was involved with the “prosecution” of an Al-Qaeda, someone connected with Al-Qaeda in August of 2003. He lead the prosecution into this person. But his affiliation in terror and Al-Qaeda based terror goes way back. He, for instance, prosecuted World Trade Center ’93 Sheikh Raman. And, after that, he served on a team of prosecutors investigating Osama bin Laden.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: After that, he served as Chief Council in prosecutions related to the ’98 US embassy bombing in Tanzania and Kenya. So after 9/11, he shows up. And the very first 9/11 Al-Qaeda related prosecution in the United States was to someone who ran Benevolence International Foundation. This person is Enaam Arnaut. [spells last name] And your listeners can look up the significance of that. When he gave Enaam Arnaut a free pass for the connections to Al Qaeda and therefore 9/11, I knew we were in serious trouble.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And here’s how that happened. Benevolence International Foundation is mentioned in 9/11 lawsuits. They’re on the terror list. The US has a list of designated terror charities. And they’re listed in the trillion dollar lawsuit brought by Motley Ness and Gerson against the Saudis and also another 9/11 lawsuit. So Benevolence International Foundation is huge. It’s big. It was based in Chicago, but it had arms in Boston and down in Texas. Enaam Arnaut was their main operative. Patrick Fitzgerald has been appointed or shoed up at every significant terrorist related event in this country’s history.

MC: Right.

IS: And you would thing that he has the inside architecture and links of these people very well understood by the time of his prosecution in 2003. And indeed he has. And that’s exactly why he is significant. Because I believe he basically got the judge to pin…the charges that he was sent to jail for or not was sent to jail for…was just basically the misutilization of charity funds. He sent the funds that were received to Muslim fighters in Bosnia and Chechnya. Hardly a 9/11 indictment.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: When that happened, as you know, I was working with someone in Senator Grassley’s office, a Secret Service agent. Because the way we get these is my tracking the money, financial crimes. And Secret Service is the Department of Treasury but also it’s more than that. I believe he was appointed to find out I knew and to clear it and to cover tracks.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: So I told him basically that I was going to lay low and not name names and not stop my investigation and my connecting the dots with the Ptech situation depending on what happened with Enaam Arnaut.

MC: Right.

IS: When Enaam Arnaut was given 10 years for just “Oops. I sent the money to Chechnya instead of somewhere else” and Patrick Fitzgerald was the prosecutor there, I knew that this country was in serious trouble, really serious trouble. And I was looking at an E-mail that I sent to the Secret Service agent. I sent it on August 19, 2003. And I said the deal’s off. The bet’s off. I said this stinks of a cover up. I don’t know how big the cover up is yet but I’m gonna find out. And the deal’s off. I’m gonna name names and I’m gonna start talking and I did.

MC: OK. Indira, hold that right there. We’re gonna take our break. When we come back, we will continue, OK?


MC: Alright. Indira Singh is my guest. And folks, again, brace yourselves. You’re going to hear quite a story today. And as I’ve said before this has not ever been broadcast or released in the public venue. You’re hearing the culmination of a several-year long investigation by Indira Singh, my guest. And this does go to some very, very interesting and high places. We’re gonna take our break. When we come back, we will continue. I’m Michael Corbin. You’re listening to A Closer Look.


MC: ...A Closer Look. And again joining me this morning is my guest Indira Singh, a very courageous lady. She has forgone a very lucrative career to get to the truth about what happened on 9/11. And I can tell you, folks, her life has been an interesting journey since then. And she has really penetrated what I believe to be the real action and the real cabal about what is in charge, who is in charge, and where all of this goes. And as I’ve said earlier, this thing about Valerie Plame and the Plamegate incident is just the tip of the iceberg. Indira, welcome back. And again thank you for coming on the air today.

IS: Thank you, Michael.

MC: Let’s start here first of all. What is the significance of Plamegate in the bigger picture?

IS: Plamegate was the... well, basically Valerie Plame, wife of Joe Wilson, Ambassador to Niger, was a CIA operative. And her outing by Cheney, Rove, and company destroyed a global WMD, Weapons of Mass Destruction search team. A global one. These are the good guys tat would catch terrorists who may have weapons that we don’t want them to have such as neutron bombs. This was strategically masterminded at a very high level. The same names come up. And again, this will…the significance in my mind, the most important part is that it brilliantly shows the pattern of the Bush crime family cabal. The last 50 years. Their pattern of conspiracy, collusion, and cover-up utilize the same core set of patterns, the same high-level operatives. We’ve seen 50-200 at different levels. Old and new organizations and political foot soldiers. But at the highest level, we see Michael Ledeen, an Iran-Contra op. I think the tactical direction was by Karl Rove. And foot soldiers even include Ledeen’s daughter, Simone. And the reason this is kind of interesting ‘cause it ties back to earlier shows. The publicity, the actual outlet that outed it was none other than Jeff Gannon, white house male prostitute, Talon News Agency, which was funded by Bobby Eberle, of GOP USA. And his leadership institute gave Gannon his land speed record 2-dau journalism degree. They stuck him in the White House and one of his sterling tasks was to publicize the outing of Valerie Plame. Going back to Michael Ledeen, this, right after 9/11, one of the things about this cabal is we know it’s bipartisan. We know it’s transnational. And, indeed, this involves Italy, Niger, and other countries and members of Bush41’s Iran-Contra operatives. Ledeen, Ghorbanifar. Ghorbanifar is or was an Iranian arms dealer with heavy ties to the Mossad who facilitated Iran-Contra and Berlusconi's Panorama magazine, which passed the forged documents to the US press.

We go back to a very well publicized and very troubling meeting that was held in late 2001 between Ledeen, Ghorbanifar, Larry Franklin, and Harold Rhode. These are people who are extremely high up in what we call the neocon thread of the cabal. And Ledeen, for instance, is of the American Enterprise Institute which hosts another number of names. I believe Stephen Hadley, who was the National Security Advisor at that point, was there. And their links to Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. We’re talking a sterling cast of characters who are sitting down in Italy talking about the documents which we now know are forged.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And we also have a good suspicion of who forged them. And the person we think supposedly committed suicide earlier in Italy this year. This brings us back to the same cast of characters that are affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute which, this year, just reconvened something called the Committee on the Present Danger. And I refer to that as a neocon love fest with the usual suspects.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And the day I met there was the day I got hit by a car in Herndon, Virginia. So I will put that down to coincidence right now but it really didn’t do anything. In other words, it’s very hard for me to think that was coincidental.

MC: Right. Sure.

IS: Now I believe that the purpose…at that point, they were negotiating the next step to get us into Iraq and Iran. And why would they wanna do that? When we step back and take a look at the significance of destroying a WMD search team to getting us into a war in the Middle East. What really are they up to? Is it just about oil? And the answer is, as we know, no.

MC: Yeah.

IS: When Ptech first fell into my lap, I spoke to some of the top experts in the world on terrorism financing and one of them, Loretta Napoleoni…everyone has their idea on it, but when you rationalize all these threads and ideas, it is clear that what we’re being ushered into is nothing less than the age of terror. What that means is that…what is being globalized is the economy of terror where every aspect of our economy, our daily lives, are mandated by a blueprint of terror.

MC: So it affects us all the way down to the consumer level, of course.

IS: All the way down to the consumer level. And you’ll see this reflected the RFID chips, by the Patriot Act 2 and 3 and 4 that are coming, and so on and so forth. Your every step will fall in a world that is controlled and monitored by extreme terror that has been engineered and set up by basically the Bush crime family, the cabal of 50 to 100, 200 people. However you wanna…

MC: Right. Right.

IS: And, you know, they’re foot soldiers. I see Patrick Fitzgerald, for instance, much in the same way I see John Kerry when he investigated and the other investigators of the big crimes in our nation’s past which were Iran-Contra and BCCI. These were all vehicles and venues that enable us to move to this point 20, 30, 40 years later.

MC: Yeah.

IS: He’s a foot soldier for them. And he reminds me of John Kerry because John Kerry was supposed to be a hero in the BCCI investigation. He prosecuted these things. He made sure that certain things were exposed but certain things weren’t and…

MC: Indira, hold that thought right there. We gotta take this break and when we come back, I wanna pick up on that thread, OK?

IS: Yes.

MC: Indira Singh is my guest. And we’re gonna not take calls at the moment but later on in the program we will open the lines to your calls. I’m sure a lot of people will have some questions. Of course this is a very big story. We’ll be right back after the break. I’m Michael Corbin and you’re listening to A Closer Look


MC: …and she is an incredibly courageous whistleblower because again, this woman has done a blue ribbon investigation into the threads that run throughout the 9/11 tragedy that occurred in New York on September 11th, 2001. And what you’re hearing again, folks, is exclusive material of her investigation. It goes into some incredible places. Indira, welcome back.

IS: Thank you Michael.

MC: OK. Let’s jump right back into where we were before we took the break.

IS: Yeah. We were speaking of Plamegate, the significance of that, and really the bottom line, we come across the usual suspects that feature high in the Bush crime family cabal, which, as we say is bipartisan and transnational. And the significance of that is that American heroes were killed by that outing. The outing by someone like a Jeff Gannon funded by Bobby Eberle’s GOP USA working for Karl Rove in the Whitehouse who just, I understand, got a free pass today.

MC: By the way, Jeff Gannon listens to this program.

IS: Well he should. And Let’s just see if he has the brain cycles to understand these connections and their significance. Anyway, they destroyed a global WMD search team. Operatives were killed in the process of doing work against this terror cabal. And it was world-wide from Pakistan, different countries, and so on. And it really upset a lot of people within the CIA and a lot of them started coming out speaking, helping, giving information that would help investigations such as mine.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: So that’s the significance of that today. And, of course, then we focused on Patrick Fitzgerald. And, in my book, he’s just another John Kerry. I guess they’re grooming the next generation because he’s a Special Prosecutor and not Independent Council so he’s not required to give a report on what he discovered. But he has the inside players and cast of characters and knows just how far to go so as not to upset the cabal.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And that’s exactly what he did. And I’ve been watching him since 2002-2003 for giving Enaam Arnaut of Benevolence International Foundation a free pass. Because Enaam Arnaut was the one ace in the hole they had that could connect…could bring this entire thing down. And of course, he’s connected with the Muslim Brotherhood in Chicago and Boston and through that, directly to the members of Ptech and the 4 or 5 money laundering and smuggling companies that were affiliated with it.


IS: And with that, we should get into the core of what we have now. I’ve spoken on this program before about whistle blowing on Ptech which, by the way, has changed their name as all these companies that work with the cabal eventually do and they’re in focus. As you know, a number of names were affiliated with Ptech. And I’ve always said that if Ptech is the one place that is you look, if you know what you’re doing, the entire cast of characters will be revealed. And we do have a transnational, bipartisan cast of characters. I’ve spoken in the past about the Saudis that were involved with it, the Saudi bin Laden Group was heavily involved. There were four bin Ladens involved with Ptech. A we all know that the bin Laden Group has very deep pocket ties to the Carlyle Group, to Bechtel, to Halliburton, and so on and so forth.

And we have Khalid bin Mahfouz, who is Osama’s brother in-law despite his suing 28 authors. And is is a current business partner of former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, who is the very person George Bush appointed to chair the investigation of the September 11th terrorist acts. But what’s really interesting about Governor Kean, as we’ve mentioned on this program before, is that he was business with people involved with Ptech.

MC: Right.

IS: And, you know, some of the other Saudis involved with Ptech was Mohammad Alamoudi, an investor convicted for terror financing, small convictions. Yacob Mertza, who is the subject of a massive Treasury investigation, Operation Green Quest, that was stymied at every step. We have other people involved with Nimir Petroleum investing and Ptech, which goes back to bin Mahfouz. And of course, their boy, Yassin al-Qadi, a Saudi sheikh, who is a member of the Saudi royal family. And he was the one that Bush’s administration put on the terror list after 9/11. And someone asked me a good question. Why Yassin al-Qadi as he was such a buddy of George Bush? And why not someone like Khalid bin Mahfouz? And my answer after investigating is basically, he was the only one they could put on there, the only token offering they could put on there since he was a foot soldier of the Saudis that could wear the trail to Bush and others and Cheney and the whole cabal could be managed quite nicely.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: Now the significance of Ptech has…every time that I’ve brought up the issue, it’s the people behind Ptech, not necessarily the software. The focus, including the Secret Service and [garbled] wanted to place on it was always the software, that it was PROMIS version 2.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And I’m sure your listeners all know what the PROMIS software was about and what happened to Danny Casolaro who was investigating PROMIS and he had discovered something called The Octopus. Well hold that thought because we’re gonna come back to the lair of The Octopus that comes all the way back to this.


IS: Now all of these people mentioned here have very, very close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. And we’ve spoken on this program before about what is the Muslim Brotherhood. And I wanna make it very clear now that they may be Muslims, but they’re not Muslims in the sense that millions and millions of good people are Muslims. Just as millions of Christians are good Christians. They’re not Muslims. They use Muslims and they use the Islamic religion to perpetrate their terrorist acts.

MC: Right. Umm hmm.

IS: Muslim Brotherhood goes all the way back to World War II and Hitler and elements of the United States had banded with them. They’re the ones, a Saudi-Egyptian group that funded, helped Hitler fund the concentration camps, for example. So people should really understand who they are. They’re terrorists. That transnational bipartisan terrorists that’s been going on for that long.

MC: Uh huh.

IS: So, having said that, let’s move on to the Muslim Brotherhood and 9/11. All these characters within Ptech were members of the Muslim Brotherhood including Enaam Arnaut. But one of the things that I’ve never talked about openly, about what was actually going on behind Ptech takes us right to George Bush. Basically, these names that Patrick Fitzgerald, who is a Chicago US attorney, and Agent Robert Wright, who also was in charge of the Chicago FBI investigation into Yassin al-Qadi…

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: You might remember that Agent Robert Wright knew of Fitzgerald of course and had said right after 9/11…he stood on the steps of the capitol in June 2002 and he burst into tears and said if his investigation into Yassin al-Qadi and Ptech and BMI hadn’t been shut down and stymied, there would not have been a 9/11.

MC: Right.

IS: I keep coming back to that. What exactly did he know? And here’s what he knew. We need to talk about the three…there were about three, I’m sorry, there were five people, it was in Ptech who not only worked as extremely high levels in Ptech. They were, for example, high enough that there were one of two people that had access to the source code. But they also ran something called Care International.

Now the first question is, with the slew of charities on the 9/11 list designated as terror fronts, why was Care International left out? Now this is not the big Care International. This was a Care International that was run out of Ptech. Care…this is the one that was based in Boston, Massachusetts. And what we found out about Care is that Care’s addresses were the same addresses used by the Muslim Brotherhood organization that was located, for example in Brighton, Massachusetts and down Prospect Street in Cambridge Massachusetts. We have the Ptech names affiliated with Ptech and Care International, what I call the Ptech Care International or the Muslim Brotherhood Care International. Suheil Laher was a cofounder and member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ptech and Care International. Muhammed Mubayyid was the Treasurer, member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ptech and he was also connected to the World Trade Center bombing of ’93. I wonder how Special Prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald could have missed that in his prosecution of Enaam Arnaut.

MC: Umm Hmm.

IS: Muhammad Akra was a President of Care International. Now, these people were under investigation by the Boston FBI prior to 9/11. Akra himself was on the FBI terror watch list. Another name that came up was Samir al-Monla. All of these people were involved with the core people that founded and ran Ptech. Now on September 5th, 2001, one week before 9/11, two Muslim Brotherhood companies, and I will call Ptech a Muslim Brotherhood company and InfoCom. They were related by these terrorist connections that included Enaam Arnaut. Now on September 5th, Ptech was moving. And I believe in that move, they destroyed and hid a lot of records. And a technology company in Richardson, Texas by the name of InfoCom was raided.

MC: Umm Hmm.

IS: Now InfoCom is very interesting because they were ISP to many, many of these organizations that were involved with bringing us a number of terrorist attacks including 9/11.

MC: Umm Hmm.

IS: And interestingly, he was ISP to Anthony Elgindy, the person that allegedly placed the airline 9/11 “puts” and who was the subject of other lawsuits and convicted several times by the FCC and so on.

MC: Wasn’t this InfoCom also involved in distribution of child pornography or was that another outfit?

IS: They were ISP to an organization involved with pornography.

MC: I heard that. I just wanted to ask you if that was true.

IS: Yes.

MC: OK. Go ahead.

IS: Now InfoCom was also, by the way ISP to Al Jazeera and we believe that they were shut down by the FBI simply because there were some very good people there that would have spilled the beans. And so there were a lot of reasons to shut them down.

Now let’s go back to Boston and the Muslim Brotherhood lair is there. Prospect Street Muslim Brotherhood hangout was also where Dr. Osama Kandil was hanging out with the Care and Ptech people. Kandil runs Biofarm in Herndon, Virginia and that was a matter of great concern because of the bioterror aspects of this whole terror blueprint. Muhammad Akra, who was President of Care. Interesting thing was he had a base in College Station, Texas. These guys were not only in Richardson, but in College Station, Texas. And you know what college that refers to. The college of Texas A&M.

MC: A&M. Yeah.

IS: Which is Bush’s alma mater.

MC: Yeah.

IS: Well, prior to 9/11, Akra…everyone is moving. The week before 9/11, all of these guys in the Muslim Brotherhood are on the move. He flees to the Sudan. Cancels his credit cards. And there is another Akra in Dallas who is from Nigeria. This is kind of interesting because this is part of the threads that connect for me into this rope of terror that’s got this nation and the world under it’s grip. Now we’re gonna probably come back to this but Nigeria features very heavily in the Cheney money laundering, bribery scandal that the French are going to probably indict him for.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: Now, going back to Dr. Kandil, who is with the Muslim Brotherhood and with all the Ptech people and Care International people. He’s connected with Dr. Sami Al Arian of Tampa. So Kandil and Akra are collocated at the same address in Cambridge and so are the Ptech people.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And what else do they have in common? What they have in common is in this warehouse district in Braintree, MA…now this area and this warehouse and this trucking company that runs out of there are affiliated according to the FBI and private investigators through sources to the Whitey Bulger mob.

MC: That’s significant.

IS: It is very significant because the Boston FBI rated by the organization that rates FBI considers the Boston FBI as one of the most corrupt in the nation because they basically let the mob run wild with the murders and whatever else.

MC: Yeah.

IS: But going back to this address in Braintree, MA. Listed there are a bunch of names and 5 companies. Five companies where the people running these companies are closely affiliated with Ptech. One of the companies we just talked about is Care International. Another one is Ecom. Another one is Logan Furniture. Another one is (Bannon?sp) Information Technology. The interesting thing about these things is that they all share the same address as a warehouse. It’s one room in a warehouse. If you go…now I’ve visited 20 Plain St., Braintree some time ago. And I went there and went inside and went upstairs and it’s basically just a warehouse. There are no offices. And the companies located there share one huge warehouse. And when you take a look at what’s going on there, there’s a lot of trucking in and out. I walked up to the Logan Furniture people and I spoke with them. I asked them, “Why do you call this Logan Furniture?” And he said, “Because of Logan Airport” And the person who runs Logan Furniture is an Emad Muntasser. And his name comes up all over the Muslim Brotherhood terror financing and other operatives. So (Bannon?sp) Information Technology…these are all fronts. They’re all cutouts. They’re just names. (Bannon?sp) Information Technology is actually a Texas incorporated company with an address at 20 Plain St. in the Sudan. Also collocated there is something called the Geneva Capital Group.

MC: Ooh.

IS: And the Geneva Capital Group is kind of interesting because it’s connected with a small Wall Street company with none other than Kalizad in charge. That name comes up in the Bush administration regarding Afghanistan and Ambassadors and people in key positions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now what we have here is part of an elaborate money-laundering scheme. They were involved with not only smuggling to Bosnia and Chechnya, but they were involved with smuggling to Switzerland, Lebanon, you name the Middle Eastern country. They were shipping stuff back and forth from there. But at this point we need to stop and see what we have. The people behind this quad of companies through their associations have well-publicized and historical access right into both Presidents Bush and into President Clinton’s administration.

MC: Mmmm.

IS: Now this is a matter not of conspiracy theory. These are accusations and these charges were brought against all of these people in court. But we are going to move now into the other aspect of what was going on with Bannon Information Technology that has never been made public and Care International.


IS: When I started investigating Care International, they still had a website up. When I started investigating Bannon Information Technology, their website had come down. When we took a look at these websites it was clear that there was no business being run out of these. They were just fronts. A private investigative firm investigated both websites and took a look at it and deconstructed it and came across some very strange pages. The pages they determined were quite likely used for conveying information through the use of steganography. Now steganography is the technique that Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 operatives used quite extensively. And what it means, how it works is as follows. You can have a page on a website and a picture. And embedded in the picture are basically documents, other instructions, test messages, E-Mails, Word documents, whatever the content can be embedded in there. And if anyone looks at the website, all they see in a harmless looking picture.

MC: Right. I’ve heard this stuff before. This is kinda superspy kinda stuff isn’t it?

IS: It’s absolutely superspy stuff. And at the time that I looked at it, you can pretty much tell what is used for steganography to the practiced eye. It’s something that I’ve been…I’ve had some skills in it myself going back to the mid ‘80s. Actually to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And so you begin to recognize what it is. And sure enough, we were going through, when I was being debriefed at CERT, the Carnegie Mellon Institute that worked with the Secret Service on cyber crimes. Which they considered Ptech to be a cyber crime because of the software from being PROMIS 2 as they suspected. We looked at the [1-2 words missed] and these experts looked at it and said, “steganography”. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist in this day and age to figure something like that out. There’s software that will deconstruct the images and try…you can at least find that something is there even if you can’t decode it.

MC: Right.

IS: So one of the pages was extraordinarily significant. ‘Cause once you sort of navigated your way through it, you went to lower and lower levels and all of a sudden, there were a set of pages where the codeword “Babylon” was featured very heavily. So again, this is a point to stop and say, “What do we have here?”

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: We have here a set of companies that have been covered up that had ties to Geneva, ties to Wall Street, ties to Kalizad, ties that were on FBI lists in both Boston and Chicago where good FBI agents were stymied in their efforts to research them. And at the core of these companies in Braintree is a codeword for an operation called “Babylon”. Now what is significant about this when we started looking at it, is that Babylon, of course, is Iraq. And what is significant about this is that these people funding the smuggling of stuff. They were smuggling it into the areas around Iraq and into Iraq itself. When I first came across this and the WMD search in Iraq, I thought that, for sure, they would find it. Because, from what I could see, we were shipping it to them.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: And if not in Iraq, then definitely around Iraq. And when we thought about what would be useful to be shipped from the United States, well it wouldn’t be uranium or things like that. It would be enabling technologies, blueprints to build WMDs. And that is exactly what the people within Ptech who blew the whistle themselves, said, “Listen. We’re not shipping anything. What is being smuggled out of here is not going to be drugs or whatever. It’s going to be blueprints and it’s going to be things like diamonds in which you settle.” That’s the currency of money laundering. And given Yassin al-Qadi’s affiliation with the diamond business in South Africa, the blood diamonds, that is exactly what they suspected were being shipped.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: So it was definitely a key part in how they coordinated their activities for Iraq. There is no question that these ties go right back to the neocons, to the Bush administration, to the people within the Bush and the Clinton administration (that) we find popping up through our nation’s scandals.

MC: Umm hmm.

IS: When we saw the “Babylon”, I took this to some of the experts in world-wide terrorism and narcoterrorism and money laundering to support terrorist activities. And their interpretation of this was very significant. They agreed totally. And I said to one of them, “Don’t you see that this indicts the entire Bush administration and the neocon cabal that seems to be a part of the larger group?” And they didn’t say anything. They were absolutely…they felt they had honed in and zeroed in on the Muslim Brotherhood at yet at the same time honed in on the plan to invade Iraq.

MC: Yeaup. Indira, hold that thought. We’ve gotta take the news break, OK? When we come back, we’ll continue. Excellent work by the way.

IS: Thank you.

MC: And I’m hoping that getting this information out, it’s going to inspire good men and women in law enforcement to look deeper into this situation and get this stuff brought out and get the people responsible prosecuted. Anyway, we’ll take the news break, we’ll come back, OK?


MC: Thank you. Indira Singh is my guest [audio cuts off]

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