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[excerpt of video 'PROMIS - Precursor to Ptech & then Agile Software Development'[1]]

"PROMIS software is a revolutionary computer program developed in the 1970s by a former NSA programmer and Engineer, Bill Hamilton. In terms of computer programs, it represents the Universal Translator of Star Trek.

PROMIS stands for PRosecutor Management Information System. It's able to read and integrate any number of different computer programs or databases simultaneously, regardless of language or operating system. According to Bill Hamilton, the inventor, Edwin Mees, Reagan's Attorney General, along with Dr. Earl Brian, stole the amazing software, modified it, installing a trap door into it that would allow those who knew of it to access the program on other computers, and then sold the software overseas to foreign intelligence agencies.

Bill Hamilton knew his software had been stolen when requests for tech support came in from people he hadn't sold it to. The Israeli Mossad, under Rafi Eitan, began modifying the software, and sold it throughout the Middle East, using British publishing magnet Robert Maxwell as a cut-out. The revolutionary software allowed almost anyone with a trap-door code to enter any database in every computer in every language at will - simultaneously.

This ability represents perfect information gathering - technology that is undetectable. The ultimate prize of every intelligence agency in the world. The CIA, through General Electric Aerospace in ??, Virginia, GE Contract number 82F624620. The FBI and the NSA modified the backdoor, but more importantly, had enhanced the ultimate program with an Artificial Intelligence, or AI. The program, which came to be called other names, such as SMART, had originally been capable of drawing any information from all computers connected to the Internet.

The contractor that added the artificial intelligence component, GE Aerospace, was purchased by Martin Marietta, which merged with Lockheed Martin, the largest defense and aerospace contractor in the world. Edwin Mees was not the only one who recognized the potential 'promise' in PROMIS. Democrats had their own 'moos' - Jackson Stephens is a presidential kingmaker, a lifelong supporter of George Bush, and an aptless roommate of Jimmy Carter. The billionaire Stephens' firm, Systematics (later Acxiom), had made it the legal software of banking software. In late '70s and '80s, Systematics handled roughly 70 percent of all electronic banking systems in the U.S. Stephens teamed with Worthen Bank, Lippo Group and BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International), the drug intelligence bank, to penetrate every banking system in the world. PROMIS software could be used to influence and predict financial markets worldwide. When Clinton was out of funds during his campaign, it was Jackson Stephens that loaned him three million to keep it going. Herbert Pug Winokur, CEO of DynCorp from 1989 to 1997, is a Phd mathematician from Harvard, where the mathematical breakthroughs, using block modelling, gave rise to artificial intelligence. In the '60s, when ??? accorded research for the DoD, on the causes of inner city unrest in the wake of the 1967 Detroit streets, DynCorp was heavily involved in the evolution of the PROMIS software. Winokur is a member of the Board of the Harvard endowment, which is not a benevolent university fund, but an aggressive, predatory investor with 19 billion in assets, invested in a hub-subsidised housing, high-tech defense operations, and George W. Bush's failing oil company, Harken Energy.

The Harvard Endowment saw its holding skyrocket in the last decade, making 33 percent in 1999. That was the same year HUD announced a manual adjustment to reconcile a 59 billion dollar accounting shortfall between its accounts and the US Treasury account. Geomatics is a company at the heart of the Canadian space program, and associated with Lockheed Martin. Geomatics uses remote sensing from space to locate natural resources, such as oil, precious minerals, and other commodities. In the commodities market of the world, this kind of perfect information is the ultimate tool to predicting and controlling markets. Remote sensing can closely estimate the size of harvests of agricultural commodities, such as coffee or oranges. Perfect information on the size of the orange harvests translates potentially to millions of dollars in the US commodity markets alone. Exploration for oil and gas can be very expensive, but advances in imaging technology, global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing technologies have advanced lightyears over the last few decades. This situation is custom-made for advanced PROMIS software, with backdoor technology.

What better way to map an inventory of the world's resources, by making each client nation pay for it? PROMIS software makes it possible to compile a worldwide database on every marketable natural resource. Artificial intelligence enhanced PROMIS-based programs would be the perfect set-up to make billions of dollars in profits by manipulating futures trade in, for example a rare metal such as tungsten, or exploiting a sudden surge in the rise of gold or platinum.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were sold PROMIS software to use in their intelligence gathering operations, and began to suspect that their copies may have been altered, and possibly all of their files were transparent and had been so for some time. The RCMP had been given their version of PROMIS by the Canadian Security And Intelligence Services (CSIS), which was created with the assistance and direction of the CIA. RCMP investigators stated that they, and the CSIS, had a rivalry similar to the one between the CIA and FBI, and questioned whether any intelligence agency created by the CIA could be completely loyal to its native country. They further stated that they knew that the NSA had compromised their communications equipment.

The Canadians put out a report that friendly nations were stealing sensitive technology, particularly related to aerospace, biotechnology, chemicals, communications, information technology, mining and metallurgy, nuclear energy, oil and gas, and the environment. The doctored versions of PROMIS software were acquired from both Robert Maxwell and Dr Earl Brian. Brian is a medical doctor who founded Hadron, and had been involved in shady dealings with firms connected with disease research, scitology, and biotechnology. Hadron is at the heart of the US government operations involving biowarfare and vaccines. Ari Ben-Menashe is Israel's spy, who in reports was linked to Iran-Contra scandal and the October surprise that led to Ronald Reagan's election in 1980. PROMIS software is described in his book, "Profits Of War[2]": "The inventor of PROMIS software hired Army CID investigator Bil McCoy, to investigate the theft. But the famed investigator, who had broken many of the Army's biggest cases, was found dead of a heart attack. Within 48 hours of his death, McCoy's body was cremated, and two days later, all of his files, furniture and personal belongings had been removed from his home. His home was then painted and sanitized. The PROMIS saga leads to more than a dozen deaths, many of which shared the same pattern: within 48 hours of death, the body is cremated, residences are sanitized and all records disappear.

From Rupert Murdoch
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[Excerpt of video 'High Treason, Unconstitutional Police State Surveillance Spy Grid'[3]]

The best example of using Blue Force Tracker in combat was the night of the 28th of March.

[inaudible] And I was able, from sitting in our main operations post, to track where each battalion was, where each company was, how the relief fund stations were going. And they say it was the first time in the history of Army aviation (or of our whole army), as we conducted a deep attack, that the Commanders knew exactly where their forces were.

Since Blue Force Tracking showed General Sinclair where his forces were, he knew where it was safe to concentrate heavy fire.

Sinclair: And additionally, we were also able to bring in the Air Force assets, including some Royal Air Force assets, to assist in our attack that night. And I could get them on target, because I knew exactly where our forces were...
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LordsSyndicate: OK. What you guys just witnessed now is all they allowed these people to see what CAESAR is capable of. OK, what we are looking at there is the core of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) - this AI is the product of PROMIS, later Ptech, when agile methodology is applied to it. It's the next evolution. This is multi-dimensional computing here. And what you are looking at is a computer AI that is the actual system giving the orders in this battle, you see. This was the first time that they started sharing its intelligence with real people. Prior to that, the only times they did that were the brief few times that they were doing drills getting ready to basically hand over complete control, and the day they did that? 9/11. Now, with that said, Mark, if you'd like to comment?

Anti_Illuminati: Yeah. Basically, this system that they are talking about, Blue Force Tracking - there's a link that references that by MITRE Corporation - in the Phd Section, I'll pull that up for you shortly. You can look at it after the next video. The next video that you're going to see - talks about the Global Information Grid, and how the New World Order is trying to sell that to everybody as a necessity to be able to - for national security - and so forth. One of the things it covers is something called Maritime Domain Awareness, which is a component of Northern Command that was set up by the Council on Foreign Relations, and actually, the document that references that is 'Building a North American Community[4]', and I'll give you the link to that to where you can look at at that PDF yourself and see where it talks about the creation of Maritime Domain Awareness and what that is about. It's just part of the whole police state infrastructure that will be set up globally.

LS: Basically, it's martial law - global martial law under their technocratic massive super AI. And if this is beginning to sound a lot like Terminator, scarily enough, that's really what they're planning - they really do want that sort of thing. That's the goal of the global elite - is to have these machines that indiscriminately kill everybody while they hide in their underground bunkers waiting it all out, sadly. And the joke is on all of us because we're being conditioned to believe: "It's all bull, it's all conspiracy and there's no way they can possibly have it". Yet Anti_Illuminati has found their own docs that say this is what they're working on.

If you want to go look at Wikipedia - plug in 'Skynet'. They've been putting up satellites called 'Skynet' since 1969. The current ones are capable of defending themselves with lasers, microwave guns and even small little missile type defense system - they can even shock attackers. I'm not kidding you. The current one is managed by the British Forces, and - Mark, the name of the company that begins with a Q?

AI: QinetiQ?

LS: Thank you. They themselves on their own website admit that they were the people who brought C2 Agile to England. C2 Agile is CAESAR - because it is the core, you see. This is multidimensional computing. When they go from C1 to C2, they don't get rid of C1, you see - it just becomes a deeper part of it. So one could consider CAESAR C2 the brains of the operation - you could consider Ptech and everything that came after C3, C4 and C5 combat systems - C stands for 'combat systems'. Now, it also stands for a coalition forces only specifically when dealing with C4ISR - and there are some documents that describe this.

And the reason they do that sort of thing is because - they want to distract you. Because if they name things similarly - then they can drag you away from what you might have been originally looking at onto something else - and it's a distractionary tactic the New World Order uses quite commonly. Gringo, do you have any questions?

Captain Gringo: Well, not so much a question, guys, as... this stuff, you know, I don't have to know how to build a nuclear bomb to know that it's dangerous. And the same way with this stuff. I don't have to know exactly how all this stuff works to know that it's dangerous. That's about all I have to add right now.

LS: Cool. Alrightie, well with that, let's continue the video, guys.

[Excerpt of video 'High Treason, Unconstitutional Police State Surveillance Spy Grid' (at 03:25)]

Agility rests upon leveraging the power of information. Information that is visible, information that is understandable, information that is trusted. Above all, information that is shared. Regardless of the time and place, the user must be able to say: "I can get the information I need to perform my mission".

Today, we move and share information inside our agency or between agencies, but only if our specific needs are determined ahead of time. Only if our interface was engineered in advance, and only if someone thinks we might want that information. Today, we can produce information that is timely and useful to someone else, but only if a predetermined format is used, only if the analysis is ready for posting, and only if it can be found.

Today, information can be made accessible and secure...
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AI: What you're seeing there is the progression from just standard command and control augmented with the advent of more advanced computer technology over time. Their integration of all of the military systems - communications with artificial intelligence - was directly responsible - the people directly responsible for that were, other than chief Ptech scientist, Hussein Ibrahim, also a guy named Alexander H. Levis, who's really the brains behind this that worked on command and control (C2) technology all the way back - the System Architectures Laboratory was where this was engineered at even before Ptech came on the scene. And they even - basically - used a tool called CAESAR, which was an earlier implementation of C2, and which then was evolved into C3I, which just includes Communications and Intelligence, and they were able to basically engineer the first Iraq War almost a decade in advance, and the second Iraq War like six years in advance.

LS: Exactly.

AI: Yeah, the guy - Alexander H. Levis - has got multiple degrees. He's got several doctorate degrees - one in control systems and mechanical engineering, Master's Degree in Computer Science, and Engineering from MIT.

LS: The biggest one, though, being his Doctorate of All Sciences. Now, this is not just some little degree, mind you, people - a Doctorate of Sciences includes all sciences. Meaning, you have to be a Doctor of Medical, a Doctor of Computer Science, a Doctor of Physics, and a Doctor of Chemistry, and a whole slew of other things. There are very few of them. Even Einstein was not considered a Doctor of Sciences, OK? He's probably one of the only existing Doctors of All Sciences in the world right now. And someone else who I'd like to bring up who's been through and through in this and many, many of the other false flags, including things like Dark Winter and others, is a lady named Dr Ruth A David. Now, internally, Mark and I have dubbed her 'Dr Death', because she has her hands in virtually every false flag plot. It's like this lady enjoys Death - it's ridiculous. I'll let you go ahead.

AI: Yeah, she's - you'll find that, if you look at a lot of different government documents, you'll see her name show up. She's a member of a Task Force - Armada ??? Task Force in the Department of Homeland Security. She was appointed by President Bush when he unveiled the "official" version of Homeland Security - and Dr. Ruth A. David was on that board, but incidentally, what people don't understand is, you know, a lot of people have talked about the fact that Homeland Security was set up before 9/11. That's true, but they don't have the details on that - all this stuff is on the forums. Dr Ruth A David was basically, for all practical purposes, the first Secretary of Homeland Security - before Michael Chertoff - when Homeland Security was secret if you will.

LS: Basically JTF (Joint Task Force)...

AI: Yeah, you also had Joint Task Force 6 - that kind of parallels in with this. Joint Task Force 6, from what I have seen, is more like what Northern Command before - because NORTHCOM absorbed them into themselves. The current Department of Homeland Security as you know it today - the precursor to that was the ANSER Institute. The ANSER Institute of Homeland Security. And even before that, it was referred to as Analytic Services. An interesting point about this is that Dr Ruth A. David - she was the head of this. BTW - she was also the head of the Technology and Science Department of the CIA, and she also worked at Sandia National Laboratories. She has a Phd in electronic engineering, and she's an expert on - incidentally - weapons systems - both lethal and non-lethal. She's written several books on signal processing algorithms. There was an offshoot from the ANSER Institute of Homeland Security called the Assist Institute - which was a technological - kind of like an artificial intelligence engineering branch off of that - who very interestingly - she had a guy - through extensive research - one of the guys being employed was a guy by the name of Larry John. Now, Larry John is very interesting, because he has a - basically like a short autobiography/resume that he wrote at the university website where he graduated from - where he admits that he worked for Ptech. And that he did work with Ptech with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. OK, he specifically mentions this. And Larry John is also cited by a document from the Australian Defense Forces where they sought ...

LS: [interrupting] Anti, hold on a second. We're going to go for a quick break - I think Shaheen wanted to take us to a break for a second for some reason.

LS: Alrightie - and we're back. So, Mark was discussing some of the very key players - and he was getting into ANSER. Which is the key to this - because they were the predecessors to Homeland Security and have apparently had their hands in all of this. Go ahead.

AI: Yes, that's correct. Larry John was - he worked for Ptech and basically - the fact that he was working in the predecessor organization to DHS basically - [which] tells you that Ptech got into DHS early on. So, their whole system was backdoored with all that stuff intentionally - well, I should say...

LS: Right. They basically built the whole thing from the ground up to begin with - the whole thing was designed as a weapon, and the backdoors were just a natural course so that they could maintain control over their weapon. So, what's your two cents, Gringo? You got anything for us?

CG: Yeah, ummm... this IPv6 - where does this all fit in, guys?

LS: Ok. IPv6 is the next generation of protocols. It is Internet Protocol version 6. What this allows them to do - because you can just put it into Google - IPv6 - in fact I do believe it is that is the primary site - and basically it will tell you all about this stuff from a tech perspective - but to give you an idea - just common man - what this means is that, they will be able to implement filtering against anything they want in real-time. It allows them to say who gets to see what on the Internet, and as it stands right now, since it is very easy to tell this, and anybody who is an expert in computer security and networking can prove this, is that they have now replaced most of the Internet - it appears they have replaced all of it in my opinion - with what are known as IPv6 transformers. Now, what these little boxes are - and there is even an army document that says that they were going to be doing this, mind you - and all they really need to do is put these things on the primary ISP hubs, any peer point or any place that they would be doing peering, and that's all you really need - it's not much harder than that.

And what these little boxes do - is that they transparently switch IPv4 to IPv6 traffic. So, if you have IPv6 links inbetween all of your IPv4 IPs, then they can implement all of that wonderful IPv6 filtering - and they don't even need to take away your IPv4 IPs. And, most people will notice, that large sections of the Internet are going down, that sites are disappearing - this is active filtering, and it is taking place as we speak. And they are engaging in cyberattacks ever since they announced last week it's all-out cyber warfare.

And Anti_Illuminati actually uncovered that, and thanks to him, we got the news out that they had that meeting. They were trying to cover that bad boy up, right?

AI: That's correct. There's a lot of information on the agenda to stage cyber false flags - one of the key articles on the forum that I'll link you right now is titled 'Booz Allen "Cyberwar" Simulation Gives Leaders Taste Of The Real Thing[5]". This was several months ago that they ran this. There's the link to it right there.

LS: He just posted that in our chat - which is available, of course, via the TV station. Continue.

AI: And this is the link to who's behind the cyber false flags. It's not a fully complete list - that was early on when I just found out about this. And I would only add to that list that you would find in that link - I would add to that - Air Force Cyberspace Command. Incidentally, the guy that I had mentioned before, that was collaborating with - the guy that worked at Ptech directly with the engineers at Ptech at George Mason University - Alexander H. Levis - was subsequently - after he left GMU - became the Chief Scientist of the US Air Force. And he's also got a Pentagon e-mail address. All that stuff is up as well and I'll give you a link to that.

So, basically, the Air Force plays a very significant role directly in terms of the push for martial law with Northcom. Northcom is specifically directly integrated with a specfic Air Force base called HANDSCOM in a division called ESC - which is Electronic Systems Center. It is an electronic warfare specialist that they're working with. And it's not - they don't have our... it's not going to be in our best interest to be able to carry out what they're planning...

LS: Yeah, we can't let them continue this. Because here is the thing - they have gotten to the point where they have almost completely regained control over what was initially their creation - called the ARPANet, now the Internet. And they keep going on and on about how they need this interoperability and they don't have it, yet they're spending billions and billions on it. The point is - is that they already have interoperability on a global scale. What they need these billions for, is so that they have interoperability with the local power plants, the local banks - everybody, they want everybody on this system using Ptech so that they can control your entire lives and everything you do with the push of a button. And because it's gotten to the point where they aren't pushing the buttons - it's now an AI doing it. Yeah - that's even more - god, that's like The Terminator. It's worse - because we now have machines telling people what to do. When you get that in the grand scheme of things - that's the point - that's why they don't need to train people - that's why they don't need to worry about where their next crop of soldiers are coming from. All they need is somebody who can have a little earphone put in their ear, a little goggle put over their eye - right now they have things set on the guns so that you can get all the recon[naisance] - it's called Longbow. I mentioned it the other night - all of the spec ops are using this system - they're integrating it into the regular Army. So, basically, CAESAR sees everything through your Longbow device - it sees an infrared picture, a sonic picture, a laser-sighted targeted picture of laser imagining, and then an optical picture in high-definition. So it sees everything - it hears everything that you hear on the [interruption] so the only thing that you need to be able to do, is when something goes in your ear, point, shoot. That's all you need to do - and that's what they want, and that's where they're getting to right now. And it's pretty darn close - scarily enough. And the more and more we delve into this ,the closer we see that they are. I mean - you know, Terminator 4 [Terminator Salvation] really scares me. And the reason being is because - while it is a lot of disinfo and it is a Hollywood screenplay... [interruption by video]

[Excerpt of video 'High Treason, Unconstitutional Police State Surveillance Spy Grid' (at 03:44)]

I can get the information I need to perform my mission.

Today we move and share information inside our agency or between agencies. But only if our specific needs are determined ahead of time, only if our interface was engineered in advance, and only if someone thinks we might want that engineering. Today, we can produce information that is timely and useful to someone else, but only if a predetermined format is used, only if the analysis was ready for posting, and only if it can be found. Today, information can be made accessible and secure, but only if we stay within boundaries of our department systems, and only if this stovepipe can communicate with other stovepipes. In short, we can get the information we need, but only if...

But what if we could remove the current technical obstacles and move towards a net-centric information environment? And what if we could simultaneously shift our institutional culture from hoarding data to sharing it?

The purpose of the CD is to help you become aware of, advocate, and apply a new information sharing strategy developed at the highest levels of our government. In the Awareness section, you'll learn the context of why federal agencies need to share information better. In the Advocacy section, you'll learn the goals and key elements that address how we can do this. Included are case studies and results of early success. Next, you'll learn how to apply the strategy and take action. Last, the Summary and Training sections highlight the importance of, and means to, transform how we share information.

SPEAKER: I cannot overemphasize how critical information sharing is to our decision makers at the national level - which is the President - down to the warfighter. And today we have networks - we have technologies that allow you to do that. And for that reason, you are a steward of information, you do not own it. You must share that information.

If a national security objective is to let users access data better, share data better, and collaborate among themselves better, how do we move away from the idea that information can only flow from point to point, and toward the concept that information can, and should be accessed, from a shared space? Two recent case studies shed light on achieving this goal - CAV-NET and the Maritime Domain Awareness Program.

In 2004, soldiers in the 1st Cavalry Division established a new way to share tactical information in near-real time while in Iraq - by creating an intranet known as CAV-NET. Its usefulness soon became apparent.

Private: A notable time that I remember using CAV-NET was when a brigade from across the river - from the eastern side of the river in Sadre City - they were going through during a period where Mahdi's Army was active and there were a lot of Muqtada Al-Sadre being posted around the city. They [inaudible] - and in one case, one of the posters was boobytrapped. And that information went out through CAV-NET during a chat - it repeatedly spread throughout the city. We were able to see that on the western side of the city and get the information out to all of our soldiers verbal through CAV-NET over the radio based on what we had seen on CAV-NET. The chat room was definitely responsible for saving lives - being able to get that information out quickly.

I remember asking: "When did we first hear about this?". And it was fresh within an hour, I believe.

While CAV-NET demonstrates the clear benefits of information sharing, it doesn't quite qualify as the best model because the information on CAV-NET could only be accessed by those belonging to the Army's 1st Cavalry division. But another case study comes closer - a community of interest known as the Maritime Domain Awareness Program.

Consider the complexity of protecting ninety-five thousand miles of...
[Excerpt ends]

LS: Alrightie guys. CAV-NET is merely - in and of itself - kind of what one might call a false-flag - it's kind of like NASA, OK? It's something to give the public - something to Google and ogle at, basically, so that you look here and go: "Oh, they don't have all these networks. They don't have global communications that go through satellites way faster - which they do, they have systems that go through satellites way faster than any Ethernet link could possibly go, OK? Because they can layer it - they can multiplex it - do a whole lot more interesting things when you actually have radio bandwidths instead of pieces of copper wire to rely on - or even fiber-optics that rely on light signals, OK? Anybody who knows enough about Tesla physics or basically radio harmonics physics in general understands that. The point being that - I don't want to get too hung up on this - so I'm going to make this quick. The point being that each radio frequency - just by having a variation, you have multiple harmonics to that frequency - so one frequency can carry multiple data streams -whereas a pulse of light can only carry x number of flickers - you know, you have that pulse of light. So you only have one real data stream there - OK? Whereas on actual magnetic waves, you can have multiple.

Now the point being that CAV-NET is practically useless. I mean, they're describing something here that honestly wouldn't really happen - who in their right mind would be hanging out in one of their little chat rooms at an Internet coffee shop discussing attacks - discussing who the terrorists are. Unless you're talking about perhaps us discussing what's wrong with the system and calling us - the patriots - terrorists, I don't really see that. Perhaps that's what they really mean right there - because I can't think of any terrorist who is going to knowingly walk into a place and use DoD systems in chat rooms that are probably known to be backdoored, you know? Even still - that's layers and layers of bull. They're saying that: "We need these groups and herds of people". That's to give you an idea as well that they need more people, OK. Not only do they need more funding - but they need more people. Yes, they need more people, but it's not to sit in these little knoxs and tell people things through chatrooms - it's merely to sit here and play with - to them - looks like a videogame, but is actually an uplink direct to CAESAR, and it's controlling robotic forces. And they planned all this - and they've been working on this for a very long time. After all - this is what they do. Eisenhower warned us about this - this is the military-industrial complex. Anyhow, OK - so, with that said, Gringo, do you have any questions?

CG: Yeah, um - the way I've heard you guys talk about this and talk about compartmentalization - how does that relate to these guys out using this technology on the battlefield like that. How does that all tie in there? Is that what keeps these guys separate? Where - they're just following orders - whatever comes across the screen. Is that what you're talking about - when you say 'compartmentalization'?

LS: Yes - they're just fed whatever comes across their screen - you know - what little bits of intelligence that they're allowed to have. And actually - this is very key here - and this allows them to have the plausible deniability that does make them all look like idiots - because the intelligence that these people is very limited. CAESAR isn't very giving with its intelligence - so we actually have to use a lot of the backup systems to get real intelligence so that the people look like they actually know what's going on. That's how far it's gotten - the machine really is in control here, and it may sound ridiculous or crazy, but if you look at the documents and look at what's really going on, the people they're using are a distractionary measure as far as making them look like they have administrative control when they don't. There - I'm finished. Does that make sense to you?

CG: Yeah yeah - I mean. It makes sense and also - it's kinda spooky when you think about all these kids playing videogames today. And something pops up on the screen - and that's what they do - they don't think twice.

LS: Bingo. Exactly. And that's all it is. And they're just pressing the buttons - you know - like Duck Hunt or something. Or even better - Gears Of War. Yeah exactly - and that's the key. So, we're going to go back into the video.

[Excerpt of video 'High Treason, Unconstitutional Police State Surveillance Spy Grid' (at 09:11)]

with 350 official points of entry. Consider, too, who has been assigned to protect this border. All of whom have a need to share information with each other while any given ship is overseas, in transit, and in U.S. waters. In short, how can all of these agencies integrate intelligence, surveillance, observation and navigation information to identify threats as early and as distant from our shores as possible?

SPEAKER: The Maritime Domain Awareness data sharing community of interest consisted of the partnership between the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation. Each of these organizations has its own way of managing visibility and access to information related to ships, cargo of people on the oceans and waterways inbound of U.S. ports. When these three departments acknowledged they shared the same problem - and were willing to share resources to address this problem jointly - that was the first step towards success. This is the first acknowledgement that - it's no longer viable for each of them to go off independently and solve these problems - it's the same problem.

Within this community of interest construct, the partnership between these three departments consisted of defining a single problem statement relative to information sharing, defining the sources of data they want to expose as a consumable service, defining the structure and semantics for the data, the financial services to allow the data to become more visible, more accessible, understandable by the consumers - to make sure it is the right data for the right use. And then make sure it's active in a trusted environment.

It took us eight weeks from the actual kick-off of this activity to decide: "We're going to define our specific problem, we're gonna identify data sources, and we'll develop web services in order to expose this as a consumable service between the producers and consumers. Eight months - a handful of people from these three departments came together, defined the semantic agreements that were necessary, built the capabilities that were needed, and demonstrated and indicated [inaudible] across each of the organizations, and we're still in the process of doing that now.

In hindsight, this Maritime community of interest demonstrated four important principles that underscore the power of information sharing.

First, leaders in each organization recognize and treated information as a strategic asset - every bit as critical as the smart weapons and sensors that we value today.

Second, they recognize that establishing a shared network would involve a difficult culture shift for a lot of agency managers and workers - from a mindset of owning information to one of sharing information.

Third, they were willing to change their current applications, services and databases to shift from their stovepiped, highly tailored and individually engineered systems to a service that allows data and services to be accessed through a common, shared, virtual space by authenticated users.

Last, they identified those individuals within their agencies who wanted to establish common information parameters - for it is they who would establish a common process and determine the technology they would use.

Today, information officers in every federal agency must take on a new role as facilitators - setting the stage to help users establish valuable ways to collaborate with each other.

Is this concept and practice of developing communities of interest the only answer to how agencies can better share information with each other? No. Other examples - some not even managed yet - will develop over time. But what comes next still needs to address these attributes: information must be accessible, visible and understandable. The path forward will revolve around cataloging and registering shared metadata, developing and implementing shared enterprise services, and promoting the essential work of an expanding group of mission-focused communities of interest. Yet even these fundamental elements won't be addressed until today's information officers - in every federal agency - take the lead to help those who protect and secure our nation to get the information they need - when they need it.
[Excerpt of video ends]

CG: Alright. Hey guys, just want to talk for a minute. A lot of you I know are going to be listening to this later on in the Prisonplanet forum - getting the MP3 and downloading it. Where we're broadcasting this at is on Ustream - got a lot of good downloads there. And it's really important to get this information out - get it out to everybody.

And anything you hear on-air - I hate to sound corny like Alex [Jones] does - look it up for yourself. If you don't believe something, write it down and look it up for yourself. And all you guys in the chat on Dprogram right now - man it's really lit up, it's great, it's good to see all you guys there.

LS: Yeah, we have a chat on the actual channel. So if you come to our channel on Ustream and click on the main thing, it will open up a window and give you an ability to chat and actually ask us questions - and talk with us during the show.

So, there you go. Go ahead, Mark.

AI: Yeah - to comment [interrupted] - to comment on the remainder of that video you just watched - what you're seeing there is the continuation of the lie from 9/11 about a lack of communications between the intelligence agencies - a lack of interoperability. There's another thing that plays into this too that is important - they talk about the government and all their privatised contractors and so forth. They talk about how the first responders and the firefighters on 9/11 had faulty radios. And that if they would have had better technology - which today, they're moving into an area called 'software-defined radios' - and Josh can talk about that more in a minute - they always talk about that when nobody is mentioning the fact that the radios that were given to the firefighters were deliberately sabotaged, so they could use that as an excuse to tie into their other lies regarding the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and so forth - "Well, you know, these guys - their computers weren't able to talk to each other" - once again, like the puppet Bush said.

And you've got all these people - a lot of people at work who are part of the pawns of the New World Order - they actually think that that stuff is legitimate. They actually think that all of these systems between FEMA and the state police, and Infragard, and EMTs and firefighters - that they all have to be interoperable - because if that's not the case, then there's going to be terrorist attacks all over the place, and it's going to facilitate homegrown terrorism or other things like that. And it's all about enslaving the population. It's about being able to make sure - see, when they have full interoperability, when they're the ones that have - excuse me. This is just another form of centralization and control - that's exactly what this is. And what that enables them to do is - it gives them a greater ability to carry out crimes - false flags - without being detected. If everybody's systems are on the same page - if they're all on the computer programming level, which is something that Josh talked about quite a bit - the COBRA programming language..

LS: Right.

AI: It's all about denying the user access to things that they should have access to - it's enforcing compartmentalization so that the New World Order - their bosses, the three-star generals, the four-star generals...

LS: [interrupting] Role-based authentication controls (RBAC).

AI: They're the ones that have the master keys behind everything. They can use this to make sure that they can carry out crimes and never get caught across everything that they want to get away with - and they can convince the public that: "Oh, there was an explosion that happened here, like a water plant or something - a municipal water supply - there was a pipe that blew up", or something like that. And they'll have the public convinced that: "Really, you know, it was just a natural occurrence, it was just a malfunction, some malfunction..."

LS: Well, you know, they're already priming people to accept that: "Oh, hackers are able to get into our infrastructure and our power companies and our water plants, so you know, they may even go as far as to blame homegrown terrorists - calling them hackers - or Islamofascists - or whatever the heck they want to call the dang things. And basically blame them and call it a whole cyberattack. And that's pretty much the point here - that's why they need everything on this interoperable, circular grid. And we're about to go into a break here for a second, and Gringo is going to have a couple of comments for the layman perhaps.

LS: Gringo?

CG: Oh, I thought we were going to go into something else. I just want to say guys - these videos that we've been watching that were up on the site earlier on the show - those are available for download at Those will be up - there's a bunch of other ones up on the Action page. And one thing that I want to get out to you - I know it's a lot of information to get out here - and one thing I want everybody to remember that is listening - everybody that can hear this thing - the truth can never be kept down, the truth will always come out. And that's what makes us better than them. That's what's gotta keep us going. The truth will come out. And that's about it.

LS: Yep. We'll [be back in] a couple of minutes.

-- music plays --

LS: Alrightie guys. And we're back. So, now we're going to bring up some interesting news of the day. One of the big things that is being talked about - is how they claim this system - written in COBRA - was hacked - meaning it's Ptech. And as we've already discussed before, Ptech itself is unhackable by anything other than Ptech - and the only people who are able to use Ptech in such capacity are the groups and members of the C4ISR - ie our own government and their military. Now, this is sheer ridiculousness - I mean, you have a system that is behind multiple VPNs (Virtual Private Network), that is written in COBRA, so the database isn't even being held by the state - it's just a copy of the master database. Yes, they have master databases that have everything about everyone from birth. Go look into it - everybody's in this thing. It's the same database that's tied to your DNA - and that's yet another purpose for why they take your DNA at birth - and they've been doing it for the past 30 years - so that they can put it into this database. And it's part of the thing - soon, you'll be having an IPv6 IP assigned to you, along with your social.

But back to it - the only thing this system does, is grab data from a federal network. So it is completely preposterous - and impossible - for hackers to get a hold of it. And hackers don't demand ransom - they don't do that - that is out of the movies right there - that's just Hollywood, OK? If you believe that hackers are dumb enough to hold ransom whenever - you know - the only way they could collect the ransom would be to turn themselves over and get caught - and they know it - then you're a bigger - then I've got a bridge to Saturn to sell you. Hell, I've got a bridge to the sun to sell you - yeah, you can contact me anyway you need to and I've got a nice bridge to Saturn to sell you. Bid starts at 1 trillion dollars. Anyone else?

AI: Yeah, just comment on this. Yeah, I just want to address the New World Order, because I know that some of you are listening and you will be listening to this, and let me just put it to you this way right now, OK?

What part of this don't you understand? I've pulled official documents from the National Communications Systems website - which is tied into Homeland Security - where a Powerpoint presentation from your own website states that you use Ptech to design your architecture for that. I've got documents from Raytheon - one of the defense contractors - where they admit that they use Ptech - it's in a PDF file, it's from 2004[6]. We've got official documents confirming the main guy that was using the software - worked for MITRE Corporation and worked for the Federal Aviation Administration.

These aren't some messages put up by some random individual on a website. They're not e-mail messages. They're not faked sources of information - they're official documents, OK? We know how you're carrying out the false-flags. One of your main guys, John Zachman himself, said that it can be used to hack any system and destroy any system. And why is John Zachman important? Because, when we look on the Internet, we found that he is at the AFCEA symposiums with Felix Rausch. And some of the guys from the NCOIC (Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium) - like a lot of your generals you have and so forth -they were just part of your CFR. The people are waking up - we're not going to buy your bull - it's not going to happen.

You mention the IPv6 - Hitachi has come up with an RFID powder[7], OK? It's smaller than a human hair - the diameter of it. This RFID powder that they've developed a few years ago has a 128bit memory space on it. Guess what fits on that? An IPv6 address.

LS: Bingo. [chuckles]

AI: Now let me explain one of the things with this stuff. Now, there's other things more immediately that are gonna be a problem - but this is one of the things that will occur down the road - regardless, anyways. When everybody is forcibly tied into IPv6 as part of their identification - that information will be persistently transmitted to the Global Information Grid. Which means - what that means is this - let's pretend that you are a sheep - let's say you don't know anything about the New World Order, OK? Let's say you are an obedient slave to the government and you pay all your carbon taxes and you work 18 hours a day as one of Obama's goon squad individuals, OK? Let's say that that is what you are doing - let's say that one day you wake up.

Well, all of the cameras and so forth that use the same artificial intelligence that run the software that analyzes you - is made by Visiphor from Canada, in Vancouver - which has ties to 9/11, because - just as an aside - the guy who sits on the Board of Directors was a former deputy director of the FBI, and he's involved in that. Anyway, that's a whole separate thing. Here's the thing - what they'll do is they'll say: "Oh, citizen, you have woken up finally. You're a terrorist". Guess what happens? They can just - through the way that the IPv6 protocol and what it enables - again, the IPv6 protocol is not evil, it's just that it enables their architectures to be able to...

LS: [interrupting] control what you see...

AI: control whatever they want - to nth degree levels. And they will dynamically - in real-time - imprison you. They can use this for area denial, they can have this set-up so that there can be sensors by guards in a city that will alert them and they will say: "You are not allowed past this line. If you pass this line, you will be executed". They can trap you everywhere on the world - and you know what? Say you escape - and now that they've designated you with this - via satellite transmission - they intent on putting sensors all over the entire planet, OK? You think the police state is bad - no, they're going to have sensors everywhere - that's where your bailout money is going to go. It's going to go to all kinds of different, insane sensor systems. And what they can do is - when they have their military converted to a fully autonomous force - if something determines you are a threat, a Global Hawk or [inaudible] will fly and it will find you from GIS (geospatial data) from either the Homeland Security blimps or with National Reconnaissance Office satellites using warm-body tracking, thermal imagining - which is in an official document I'll link shortly. It's called 'Defense Mapping For Future Operations[8][9]', a declassified document from the Pentagon - from, I believe 1995. And they will hunt you down and they will kill you, just like in the Terminator movie. It is total eugenics - it is the advancement of their eugenics to a psychotically, insanely hellish wicked system. And they are keeping everybody discombobulated and distracted with all kinds of ridiculous, meaningless crap on TV.. [interrupted]

LS: I see Gringo raising his hand. And exactly, exactly. Mark just summed it up beautifully. Go ahead Gringo, I see you raising your hand there.

CG: Yeah well, I just want to talk about the information you guys have gathered - and we're lucky to have you guys to gather this kind of information - but the information you guys have gathered have shown how a lot of people are complicit in this. Like I was talking last night - I'm ashamed for what my country's becoming - and there's people up there high in our government - and that's where all of us come in as citizens - to be aware of this stuff and hold them accountable for their complicity in this whole thing by allowing this to happen. We put them in office to look after us - and this is the way that they want to look after us - by making criminals out of us. This latest Domestic Extremism lexicon from DHS - hell, it's like a checklist. You can go down and see how many you belong to - or they can say you belong to. It fires me up - I guarantee you - that part of it fires me up as much as the end of it that you all know fires you up - makes the hair on the back of my head stand up, that's all I've gotta say about it guys.

LS: I hear you guys. Do you have any questions as to how any of this is working out. Because, I mean, you know - the average Joe might be sitting here thinking: "Well, this is fantastic. How in the heck does all of this work?", or something.

CG: Well, one common question that I see coming up on the chat alot - and people I've talked to about [this] - OK, so we know this is happening - how do we guard against it? What do we do to guard ourselves against it, or to slow down its progress?

LS: Right now, this is the thing - and this is what Eisenhower warned us about. He was warning us that basically corporations would come in and take over the government, so that basically corporations were in control - which basically, the problem with that, that takes away your voting rights, because it's a corporation. What we can do is:

a - We can start voting with our wallets.

b - We can get ourselves off the grid. Get yourself on solar power, wind power - there are a variety of other methods of electricity. Tesla developed systems which basically took electricity by harnessing the natural electricity the Earth generates. The Earth actually generates electricity - and the only reason that we're not using it now is - when it was supposed to go live, John Rockefeller got a call. He called Tesla and he's like: "So how are we going to charge people for this?" basically? And Tesla is like: "What do you mean? This gives everybody free power. Every citizen in the world deserves free electricity.". And John Rockefeller was like: "Uhuh. No." And he told Westinghouse to pull the plug on the whole thing, and Westinghouse shut it down. And that's the thing. The telco companies - as a matter of fact - there's actually one that produces AC power. In fact, most of the telephones - well, I should not say most, all - get their power this way. If you all notice that your telephone line has a 12-volt DC current running on it - the way that is generated is by a telco power supply. And I came across some links last night via a friend of me who gave me a link to a company that specialises in these - and I'll put that up on the forum later. But basically, you can look at the thing - it only has four pins to put power out - there's no Power In on the thing anywhere - and I've got the blueprints up online. And if you look at the thing, and most people say: "Where does the power come from?". It's the giant Tesla coil sitting on the thing. And it's pulling it right straight out of the Earth, giving it straight to the telco equipment, so that they don't have to have electricity for any of their things, they don't have to rely on electricity.

And that's why - even when the power goes out - you still have phone communications if you have a ground line from one of the major telco companies.

AI: Hey Josh, let's go ahead and talk about that false-flag with the young kid with the ten SWAT team members and the cops claiming that he stole an IP to make bomb threats.

LS: Yeah. This is key here. Thank you for bringing that up Mark - I appreciate that. Yeah - the key thing about that - and we're eventually going to hopefully be able to play a video clip of some MSM demonizing this kid - which is really screwed up. What they did to this kid is known as IP tunneling or IP poisoning. Now, what this is - is where - and all it really takes is for your machine is to have a virus on it and a rootkit that hides that virus - and there's millions of them out there right now. Chances are - your computer probably has one on it - you don't even know it. All you really have to do to get one - is to go to a particular website - and, you know, it's embedded in flash videos at times. It's really easy to become trojaned - and the average Joe - your anti-virus scanners and your anti-spyware stuff will not pick that stuff up. In fact, that's what the root kits do - they're specifically targeted, so that basically your virus scanner and spyware stuff doesn't see it. Now, what they do is - all they need is a point A and point B. So, you have a computer that has a trojan on it - it is now a bot. This little piece of code goes online to IRC or a chat network or something like that - and reports back - or even e-mails - some of them are built to e-mail their handlers. And they say to the person who put this out - "Hello, I'm alive. I'm now a trojan machine". And what this allows them to do - it allows them to route packets through that machine and route all of that machine's packets through other machines. So when they say that his IP piggybacked on another one - that's not what happened. His machine was being used as a proxy chain - go look up proxy chaining - it's where you chain multiple computers together, and you're over here sitting in California, and what you're doing is - you're making yourself look like you're coming from Germany. Now, a proxy chain is - it makes it look like you're coming from Germany, but instead of coming from Germany, but instead of coming from Germany, you're coming from Germany through Russia even. And that's the idea of a proxy chain. So they've chained it together - and then they funneled the data through - so they can make it look like anyone who has been trojaned. They can use your IP and your machine to send data - so it looks like you're doing the attacks.

And that's how they do this. There's a lady known as Kelly Hallisey - OK, her name is Bratty on EFNet - that's what she goes by. She's been proven to be a COINTELPRO operator. She at one point in time took on AOL - there are many other things about this lady that I could go into. But the biggest thing is that she has been allowed to run wild on the Internet - and her traditional style is to frame people, to doctor their logs, and make it look like they're attacking her when she is the one doing the attacking. And she even goes as far as to attack herself and then forge logs and go after your ISP telling them that you're the one coming after her - she does it so well that it's quite convincing.

Now, the reason why this is so important - and this is really, really key here - she works for a group called the Cyberangels. You might better know some of their operatives as 'Perverted Justice' - yeah, that's right, 'To Catch A Predator'. You ever wonder why half those guys or most of those guys are just completely flabbergasted when they're confronted by these logs and they can't say anything? I mean, think about it - you're on national television, and somebody confronts you with these doctored logs - what are you going to do? You know, some of them do go - it wasn't me, it wasn't me - and most people come off thinking: "Those guys are crazy". And that's the point - it must be real, because it is a TV show. Look, they have the cops there - which is entrapment to boot. But that's the thing, and that's what they're doing.

And she, Kelly Hallisey, go look her up - she works for the Cyberangels and that is the group that started 'Perverted Justice'. So, she herself has trained many people in how to doctor logs and impersonate people and get them convicted. I've got several personal friends of mine who she has gone after who were in the truth movement who she has framed for things like money laundering and other things. It even goes as far back as - there was an original - one of the leading members on there was a guy named Jacoasto ??? - and he was able to trace back all of the kiddie porn on the Internet to her, the Cyberangels, and Dyncorp. And she began to DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) them - and she has one of the largest DDOS nets in the world.

And it's obvious that she is a COINTELPRO shill - and if you look into the history of the Cyberangels, they're funded by Nick Rockefeller - [inaudible] I mean, doesn't really get any more obvious than that. And the whole thing's fake. So, any comments or questions, guys?

CG: Aside from the technical side of it guys - as far as somebody hacking in - this kid has been away from his parents for over two months now. Twelve cops busted in the door with guns. When they first come to the door - it was a story about: "Oh, your kid was in a hit-and-run accident". They lied from the beginning - then bust in the door with body armor and weapons, and take the kid away, and it's crazy.

And somebody with kids - but anybody - this ought to speak to anybody, because - if they can set it up or make it look like you did something, and haul you off and hold you with no rights and hell - they can waterboard you if they want you, or any other kind of torture.

LS: Yup. And we're gonna go into the video right now and play the video of them taking this kid in.

-- Video 'Youtube - Patriot Act Being Used Against a 16 Year Old Boy And its Own Citizens plays[10] -- ANCHORWOMAN: In the middle of the night by a team of federal officers? Well, that's exactly what happened to a woman and her children in Grandville County.

ANCHORMAN: Amanda Lamb in the Newsroom joining us now. Amanda, we understand that because this case falls under the Patriot Act, a lot of the usual rights for defendants not available here.

Amanda Lamb: That's right David. The Patriot Act was created after 9/11 - it allows federal agents to investigate suspected cases of terrorism swiftly in order to better protect our country. But one Grandville County mother says it gives the federal government too much leeway. Her son was taken into federal custody two months ago - she can't get him out, and she can't get any answers.

Sixteen-year old Ashton Lundeby's bedroom is nothing if not patriotic. American flags everywhere. But according to the United States government, this tenth-grader who has never been in trouble with the law before is now a suspected terrorist.

MOTHER: I was terrified. There were guns - and I don't allow guns around my children. I don't believe in guns.

AL: On March 5th, around 10 o'clock in the evening, Annette Lundeby says ten armed FBI agents along with three local officers stormed her home looking for her son. They hadncuffed him and presented her with a search warrant.

MOTHER: They said that he was being arrested for making numerous bomb threats.

AL: Annette Lundeby told the officers that someone stole her son's IP address and used it to make crank calls through the Internet, making it look like the calls had originated from her home. She says the FBI's extensive search of her home turned up nothing.

MOTHER: No bomb-making materials, not even a blasting cap, not even a wire, not even... I mean, I don't even know how to make bombs, but they didn't find anything.

AL: The teenager was taken to a juvenile facility in Indiana, where the bomb threat was supposedly made. His mother has had little access since his arrest. She says the Patriot Act stripped her son off due process.

MOTHER: And we have no rights - under the Patriot Act - to even defend them, because the Patriot Act supersedes - basically - it supersedes the Constitution.

ATTORNEY: There's nothing the matter of public record - all those normal rights are just suspended into air.

AL: Dan Boyce is a former US Attorney.

ATTORNEY: It's a new law, and I'm sure there were very, very good intentions.

AL: But Boyce believes the Patriot Act has gone too far in some cases, and Ashton ??? may just be one of them.

ATTORNEY: It very well could be a case of overreaction, where an agent leapt to certain conclusions, or has made certain assumptions about this individual, and about how serious the threat really is.

AL: Because there is a gag order in the case, the US Attorney in Indiana told her he could not comment, nor could the FBI. The North Carolina Highway Patrol did confirm they assisted the FBI with its operation at the ??? home on March 5th.

MOTHER: Never in my worst nightmare did I ever think that it would be my own government that I would have to protect my own children. This is the United States, and I feel like I live in a third-world country now.

AL: Lundeby says this type of case is not what the Patriot Act was intended for. Boyce agrees.

ATTORNEY: It was to protect the public. But what we need to do is to make sure there are checks and balances, to make sure those new laws are not abused.

MOTHER: Know that they can come and take everyone in your family away, even your children - and they don't have to be guilty.

AL: Lundeby says her son is scheduled to have a hearing at the end of May, but she is not hopeful it will happen, because the date has already been moved multiple times, and we will continue to follow this story.

- end of video --

CG: Alright guys, um. Go ahead Mark.

AI: OK, I just wanted to comment on this. There's another aspect to it - and Josh, I'll ask that you follow up on what I'm about to bring up here. A lot of you have probably heard about the Blackhat conferences that they've had - like security, kind of like hacker conferences and so forth. Well, many years ago, when they came up with the Wired Equivalent Privacy protocol (WEP) - they were able to crack that almost immediately. Then they came up with the WPA standard - this is what all of the wireless routers use now - they've gotten to Draft N standard, which is different. But WPA is Wi-Fi Protected Access.. [interrupted]

LS: Yes, it is encrypted access that is encrypted to at least 256 bit. It is actually secure especially when implemented on an enterprise. It can be up to a full 2048bit secure - which is pretty damn hard to crack, basically.

AI: Alright. And the thing about this story here - and maybe there is an article about it, I'm sure there is, I haven't had a chance to look it up - there's no mention in the newscast on the video whether he had a wireless router - it would only really make sense if he did - but there's other things, like you mentioned, it could be a rootkit/trojan...

LS: Basically, like I say, they just use that to use your IP and they tunnel through your machine. I've noticed that one of the people had a question in the chat about, "How can you stop that?". The easiest way to stop that is just to make sure your machine is clean - there are lots of things that can be done in lots of ways to run your system smoother. There's a program called NLite that can be used to rip out useless parts of Window, if you have to use Windows. Continue, Mark.

AI: OK, yeah - the angle I was talking about was - let's say, for example, - I'm not saying this is how they did this, but it is a possibility - say, the guy has got neighbors all around him - and a lot of people have wireless routers in the neighborhood. These would show up - like if you did a scan from a router console, you'd be able to see other routers in your area with their respective signal strengths. What I'm saying is - like Homeland Security here or some of their privatised goons that they have with them, probably, like - use your imagination, I don't know who they all could have had out there, maybe Khaki or something - they could feasibly do basic wardriving - they can log into his router, break the encryption if it was encrypted, and they could piggyback that, and then - when they're sitting in the van - hacking into this router, they could just say that: "Oh well, you stole someone else's IP address". And DHS may have been - they could just make the bomb threats themselves and blame anyone they want. And then they'll say - and the thing that ties into this too is that they're trying to bring in the Mumbai-India false-flag - they're trying to bring the stuff surrounding that into the US.

There was an article a lot of you may have seen regarding how the NYPD (New York Police Squad) wanted power to shutdown cell phones during a terror attack. This is total fearmongering, this is 100% to do with shutting down communications, so when they carry out their next false-flag - that your loved ones can't call you, you can't call them, if you're witnessing someone engaging in a false-flag, boy, you're not allowed to tell on everybody. You can't even report him to your neighbors, because the police sure aren't going to do anything - because they're part of the criminals themselves at this point.

And that's what it's about. It's about information control - they regard us as the enemy - they're attacking the communications infrastructure. They're gearing up - Booz-Allen Hamilton in March I believe was running - there's an article that I already posted, 'Booz-Allen Cyberwar Simulation Gives Leaders A Taste Of The Real Thing'. This ties into communications - because they're going to be moving - well, most of the power grid is already tied into the Internet. So, it's all about controlling communications and being able to get away with false flags, because the thing is - this guy Mr. Singer, from Booz-Allen, in his own words, he acknowledged the fact that they need to make their false flags more believable to the public. Because they're know they're getting exposed - with all of the documentaries that are out now - they're freaking out that these guys are getting exposed. And they're demonizing everything..

LS: [interrupting] That's where teaching CAESAR about how it worked came into it all. Because - in order for it to work like that, they had to teach CAESAR how the command chain worked, and how their responses worked. Granted, it needed that to begin with. But by improving upon that and giving it even more of an idea of exactly how things work, they're now able to more realistically predict things. And also, that will naturally occur, because CAESAR and the programs that feed it basically are becoming more and more advanced. So therefore, it is able to grab more and more data, and therefore make things appear more and more lifelike, and more and more natural.

AI: Right. I wanna throw out another - this is very technical, but it ties into [inaudible] extremely high relevance, it's directly part of PROMIS' capabilities, since we covered PROMIS early on in the show. I want to get this out there - this information is very hard to find. It's by the guy who programmed PROMIS after Bill Hamilton worked on it, and that's a guy by the name of Michael Riconosciuto. He wrote a paper on encryption. This thing here I want to mention doesn't have anything to do necessarily with the boy/alleged hacking [with regards to] making bomb threats and so forth. This ties into more with the medical center type of thing - and this is an example of something that could - I want to emphasize 'could' - be used to hack into the Department of Defense Joint Strike Fighter data program files where they claim that China hacked into it and downloaded terabytes of data on the Joint Strike Fighter program that was created by MITRE Corporation, you know incidentally.

LS: And even the Chinese and the Russian media have been readily admitting - Russia Today and others are admitting - the US is basically presenting itself to them, yet none of them are taking. Because they're not stupid enough to fall for the US' false flag. So the US is intentionally trying to present it to the Chines, the Chinese are not taking, so they are having to have people like Kelly Hallisey and others take Chinese trojan machines to carry out these false flags, because the Chinese themselves won't.

AI: I want to read a quote from the link that I just put up in the chat. "Michael Riconosciuto" - he was murdered, by the way. They said that he committed suicide - he had at least ten slashes through his forearms that went right through his tendons to the bone, OK.

LS: Yeah. And that is a suicide when you have no use of your hands and arms.

AI: OK, you can figure that out, OK? [quoting from the article, 'Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption'[11]]

Michael Riconosciuto is one of the original architects of the PROMIS backdoor. PROMIS was a people-tracking software system sold to intelligence organizations and government drug agencies worldwide. The global dispersion of PROMIS was part of a U.S. plot to spy on other spy agencies.

Riconosciuto, who was Director of Research for a Wackenhut-Cabazon Indian joint venture, oversaw a group of several dozen people who worked out of business offices in nearby Indio, California. According to the testimony of Robert Booth Nichols, a CIA agent associated with Meridian International Logistics and connected to Music Corporation of America (MCA), Riconosciuto was in frequent contact with Bobby Inman, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and then Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), during this time.

Since intelligence computers are, for security reasons, usually not connected to external networks, the original backdoor was a broadcast signal. The PROMIS software was often sold in connection with computer hardware (such as a Prime computer) using a specialized chip. The chip would broadcast the contents of the existing database to monitoring vans or collection satellites using digital spread spectrum techniques whenever the software was run.

Spread spectrum techniques offer a way to mask, or disguise, a signal by making it appear as "noise" with respect to another signal. For example, one may communicate covertly on the same spectrum as a local TV broadcast signal.

LS: That ties into what I've been saying about TEMPEST and carrier-wave frequencies. Like I've said before, that is how the government is able to combine multiple gigabits (terabits, even) of data into a satellite stream, whereas [with] light they are limited by the fiber, you see. Because - it's the same idea that they have in Star Trek - where they send out this sub-space wave, and then they piggyback other signals on it. And Tesla actually discovered this - that the piggyback signals will move faster than the other signal. In fact, they will even move faster than light - which is why Tesla himself - one of the many reasons - laughed at Einstein's ideas that nothing moved faster than light, and thought it quite preposterous whenever he was able to witness this in real-time. Heck, the government is admitting they use it. And it totally basically invalidates most of Einstein's theory - hell, he himself thought he was going to make a star, instead, he made a bomb. And now, they are enforcing their science by iron fist of an atom bomb. Think about it. Go ahead.

AI: Yeah Josh, I was just going to say - could you go ahead and expound - since you were talking about China - go ahead and bring up Nicholas Rockefeller's involvement with that - with his setting up shadow cyber black-ops over there and blaming the US?

LS: Absolutely. This is key - and this is on the Prison Planet forums. Nick Rockefeller - who is the brother of Jay Rockefeller, the senator who owns West-Virginia. He doesn't even live there - he just owns most of the coal industry - that's why he is the senator. He bought the state, basically. Nobody likes him there, but that's another story. To sum it up here, though, basically, Nick went into China, and set up these private cybersecurity forces to wage war against the American people.

And basically, all of these attacks that - half of them - may look like they're coming from China, are people who trained by COINTELPRO people. They have people like Kelly Hallisey leading that sort of thing and they have others - she's just the big one who comes to mind, in my mind - since I've run into her a bunch and she's quite public about her stuff, oddly enough. But they have entire forces of people over there - kind of like outsourcing your callcenter. That's kinda what they've done here with their cyberattacks - they outsourced it to these people. And it's basically Jay and his brother Nick who are not only carrying them out, but then calling for the end of the Internet.

And the reason they're doing this, and the reason they have to do this, is because of what we're putting out right now, because of stuff like this. What we're putting out here, what Mark and I and Gringo are risking our lives and putting our lives on the line to get out to you right now - this is what scares them most, because this is the evidence that all of us can take to magistrates and have these people start being convicted. And that's what needs to happen. OK, guys.

CG: I'll touch on that - about getting this information out there. I'll tell you my purpose for doing this - I don't have the knowledge about these systems, like Josh and Mark does, but I'd like to say that this is so serious, it's so important for this information to get out there, and for the average Joe like me to understand it, and understand its importance. I'd much rather do it myself than my son. And somebody has got to do it. And if that's what it takes - me putting myself on the line to put it out there and press the importance of this information onto people, that's what I'll do. No problem. No sweat, all the time. Go ahead, guys.

AI: Yeah, just commenting on this. As far as - for whatever time we have left - hopefully they can't carry out their agenda to any degree that they plan on. But I wanna mention something that - just from everything that I have seen - in terms of documentaries - I have an idea that you guys might wanna try. A lot of you are probably familiar with a film that was produced by Alex Jones and it was made by Jason Bermas, called Fabled Enemies. That's a really good film - one of the things that I've found - because it covers alot of the [interrupted].

LS: It covers the Indira Singh and...

AI: [interrupting] Actually, no, that's the only thing it doesn't cover. It doesn't talk about her at all. But it talks about Sibel Edmonds and the nuclear secrets and everything. But here's the reason why I'm bringing that up. When you - the whole thing regarding PROMIS and Ptech and the stuff that's in Fabled Enemies - all of that is all tied in, OK. That topic is so huge - what I've found is, if you take - like the PROMIS video that is now on the site - now, there's going to be another video that we're going to add to that - that is the 9/11 Citizens' Commission of Indira Singh's full testimony with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and former LAPD narcotics officer Michael Ruppert.

What would be an interesting idea if you want to - what I would do is - and this is entirely up to you, but - maybe take Fabled Enemies and separately burn or maybe merge this into the film or something if you are into video editing - or you don't even have to be - but just take the PROMIS video and take Indira Singh's testimony and use something like ConvertXToDVD - or there's another program you can use to convert those files to VOB format for a DVD player to read them. Or probably put it in some kind of Xvid format for newer DVD players.

Here's the thing - if somebody watched Fabled Enemies plus those two [videos] - Indira Singh's testimony and then the thing with PROMIS - it ties everything together so powerfully that - I can almost guarantee that you could wake anyone up with that. OK, I'm really serious.

LS: He is.

AI: There are a lot of documentaries and I'm just saying - the only reason I'm emphasizing this is because - the whole thing about all of the intelligence agencies and the Israeli involvement - you have to include Indira Singh into this, because she ties in - in her own testimony, she makes a reference to Sibel Edmonds, OK? That stuff is so intertwined that you have to have at least some basic coverage of it. That's all I've gotta say - those videos, take them and if you have your own websites, put them up on your sites and encourage others to [inaudible]. I mean, that's another thing - the recording industry is trying to say that they can copyright even your own works now, because they're freaking out that people have the information so powerful it's exposing all their crimes. Well, that's too bad - they're not gonna get away with this stuff.

Massive non-compliance, massive non-compliance - you learn how they're lying, you prove it to yourself with the documentation. I mean, it's - c'mon, you know, making that kid a terrorist - and how old - I mean, get real. That lady mentioned that you saw on Youtube that she doesn't believe in guns. They probably singled out that house because the NSA or Booz-Allen Hamilton - BTW, who does a lot of the eavesdropping - and NARIS ??? - a company called NARIS ???.

LS: Yes.

AI: The government never tells you about the privatized intelligence that spies on you. It's not just the government, folks. Two years ago, the head of Blackwater - in his own words - said that 70% of the government intelligence agencies were privatized. That was in 2007 - what do you think the percentage is now? See what I mean?

LS: Bingo. That's the whole point behind the military-industrial complex - is that it is privatized - it's not government anymore.

CG: It's all about money. Follow the money - I guarantee you - follow the money. It all ties back to it. These guys are making big bucks - and all the ones that are complicit need to be held accountable. We've got laws on the books to handle every bit of this. But - they won't be enforced, but yet something with no common sense at all is a force against a 16-year old kid, holding him for two months away from his parents - it's crazy. They're trying to break his will. Right here - this article on Lew Rockwell's site - they're trying to break his will. They were punishing him for looking in the wrong direction in the lunchroom.

LS: That's ridiculous, yeah. But that's what our society is coming to - thoughtcrimes. They want it to the point where they're able to read your mind, so that they can convict you of thinking it. And that's what they want - a THX-1138 society - beyond that even, because you know, THX - they were monitoring what you did and what you said. They didn't go quite as far to monitor your brainwaves. That's their goal, sadly.

CG: Alright guys. Well, looks like that's about it tonight. And thanks again - it's a good show, and I hope everybody tunes in to to get the archives and the videos we were watching, and look for it again.

LS: Yep, everybody keep up the fight. Stay strong. We'll be back with you tomorrow.

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