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LordSyndicate: We're on air, we're on air - yes, I agree. We're having some technical difficulties here - and here's the thing - a lot of people don't want this information out. And that's the problems we're running into here - we've got some pretty secure set-ups, but overall, there still are some things that are able to be attacked - and it seems like people are utilizing them.

I'm not trying to be over-reactionary here, just merely looking at the actual logs of things. I mean, I have my pfSense box here showing me, I've got, like, five attempted connections from various different government agencies right now. That's pretty crazy.

But, back to it, and this is the key here: this flu is a two-staged flu. Do not let people lull you into the idea that it is over. Because when they realize the second half of this, that's when people in droves will start dying. According to their own documents, they believe that this flu is going to kill one third of the population on the face of the Earth. OK? This is not a joke, and you know, people hyping this as a hoax, dumbing us down, getting us to become complacent right now is the last thing we need. We need for people to follow Dr Horowitz's research, because he's done a lot of it to prove what this is, and there are others I know out there who have similar research, but he's the top guy on this right now. And he really lays it out - his research shows this is a genetically-modified disease. With that said, this is not a joking matter - they are playing Dark Winter as we see it right now. The only difference is - the biological agent is not smallpox, because CAESAR itself determined that would be way too obvious. Now, with that said, I think Gringo - uh, Markus - may have a question for us.

Captain Gringo: Yeah guys, [going over] what we've covered so far. So what you're saying is: they've released half of this thing, and the other half is coming, but because, this swine flu scare and all the hype and everything and nobody bought it [the hype] - supposedly the masks were flying off the shelves, but I never saw anybody with a mask. And because of that, now everybody's lulled asleep. So the second time when it comes around, makes it that much easier to really get in deep.

LS: Precisely. And the thing they're not covering is the fact that we've got something close to two to three thousand deaths from pneumonia. OK? And the other thing is, it seems that only black people and the Mexicans are dying from this.

CG: And a guy like Gringo don't like to hear that, guys. You know, it's... it's a spooky...

--- music of Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil - plays

LS: Alrighty. So we've been experiencing some technical difficulties. It appears that, somehow, something keeps logging into our UStream account - even though we switched the password yesterday - and knocking us off the air. So, you know, the average little hacker kiddie can't very well do that - I've really done a number on looking into UStream System - and that's why we use it. Because it's a private Canadian company; the fact that their systems are pretty darn secure, and what's obviously happening is that they're using internal backdoors to knock us off the air here. It's not cool. We know you're doing it, alright? Cut that crap out!

Now, to recap briefly, what we were talking about: this is a two-staged flu. This is not something to be taken lightly. And what people don't get, is since they're not counting deaths from pneumonia, you're not getting the real bodycount. I have it from very, very, very valid sources that I can't disclose because they wish to be anonymous, but these are people who would be in the know - and I will merely say that some of them do work for the CDC - that they have been told specifically not to test for the flu anymore. They are merely to count the resulting pneumonia as 'normal flu-related pneumonia', and that's key here. And the people dying from this right now are minorities and African-Americans. There are protests in Alabama about this right now - this is not a joke. And for those of you who think that: "Oh, it's only going to kill minorities" - that's to lull you into complacency as well. Because when the second half of this comes in the winter, that's going to be Game Over, because it will affect everyone. And right now, the other thing is, those people who are minorities who aren't getting sick, because they have enough Vitamin D and they have a strong immune system, those people have become carriers. So all they need to do is release the second half of it, and all of these people who are now typhoid marie-type carriers will become sick, and they will also spread it, and everyone will become sick because this will be an airborne flu.

As I've said before, their own documents expect that when the second half of this comes out, they will kill an entire third of the world's population, people. That's coming this winter. So, don't let people fool you into thinking that this is over. You need to start getting Vitamin D into your systems now. You need to be well, and you need to look for the following substances - and these are the things that they have said are the only things that will help - black elderberry - European black elderberry - they have actually gone ahead and convinced GNC to take this off all of their shelves - so you can not get it at GNC, you cannot get it at most herbal places. I've been lucky enough that I've found that Whole-Foods still happens to carry it, and they have various different qualities of it. So if you've got a local WholeFoods next to you, hit it up, get yourself some black European elderberry - the American version is useless, it does not work, it will not give you immunity to this. The only thing that will at this point is either a black elderberry or a very rare strain of mushrooms that grows in the southwestern portion of the United States. There was actually a group of Native-Americans who used this mushroom regularly, and during the 1918 pandemic, they were the only tribe in the State of New Mexico and the State of Arizona that lived. All of the other Native-Americans died except for these people eating these particular champions.

Now, that's actually mentioned - what kind they are - in the Strong Angel PDF[1], that we might get into here in a little bit. Basically, the goal is to give you a Dark Winter, that puts you into fear. They're going to stage terror attacks to take out your Internet, and then they're going to bring in the Strong Angel operation to save you. They will bring you back your Internet on Internet2, and everybody will think it's a godsend. What they don't realize is that it will merely allow them to carry out more perfect false-flags, because they will able to cut people like us, and Alex Jones, and the rest of the Truth movement off the Internet so we can't say anything, and we can't defend ourselves. And that's assuming they haven't decided to go ahead and start taking people off to FEMA camps. And I've heard a lot of evidence showing that they may very well start very soon.

There is no yellow list, there is only a blue list and a red list, as I've said before. The blue list is basically anybody who's ever criticised this government, the red list is merely the military. And they're coming for the blue list first - the reason being is - they want to scare what's left of them. They know, number one, that if they go after the military directly, they'll have an all-out war, because these are trained people - these are people who are trained to fight. They figure: "let's go after the people who are not trained to fight FIRST". And here's something that you people need to realize: there's a reason why these people are coming around with GPS transmitters and merely taking your GPS coordinates; and that's because they have satellite-based weaponry that can pinpoint you. All they need is a GPS lock on a location and they can microwave you from the sky. A lot of the documents that we put up, they're documents that describe these systems, that they've built into these. I touched briefly upon some of that last night, but that's the thing - they can merely turn these things on at low power, microwave you in your house, you die, you go to sleep, because that's the thing - low-level microwaves that are just enough to slowly cook you - you don't notice it - you just start to feel very sleepy and you go to bed. And then they just send one of these roving flu vans around and - and they say: "Oh, he had some type of disease - he had pandemic flu!". And they take your body, and they incinerate it, and nobody knows the wiser. So they don't even have to start taking people to the FEMA camps. In fact, the most dangerous people on the blue list can be killed by these smart weapons and various other satellite-based weaponry. So the ones they feel will co-operate most, those are the ones that will be headed to the FEMA camps. And I really feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for them because that's going to be the worst torture one could imagine. You know, the people who are going to be dying off first, they should consider themselves lucky, because the people in the camps are going to go through some terrific tortures. I don't even want to dream of it - I only reference the Nazi death camps - and imagine that evolving over a hundred years, and that's what we're going to have.

Now, back to the flu thing here, because that's the key, and this is the key - this is a multi-pronged attack right now. I want you guys to understand this: they're going for broke. They aren't just coming out with one single thing - they're coming out with many. They have cyber false-flags now that are completely in the news - they're trying to convince you that the Russians and the Chinese are after us - when both Russian and Chinese media and their own officials state that the US is literally presenting its own ass to them and they refuse to take it, OK? This is 100% being done internally. The health database yesterday as I said? That's COBRA - it's impossible to hack that - that's part of a government system. The only reason it disappeared is because the government turned it off and stopped letting Virginia see it.

Anti-Illuminati: I'll comment on this.

LS: Go ahead.

AI: The coversheet scan (JPEG image) that I just posted in the chat with the accompanying link from the Government Accountability Office - there's two separate links I've put in there - one of those references the document that is titled "Working Through An Outbreak: Pandemic Flu Planning and Continuity of Operations". Hearing before the committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, 119th Congress, 2nd Session, May 11, 2006. Serial number 109-15. I'm gonna read you a quote from there that is very damning because - you'll be able to just tell when you just hear this. That these people - that they know that the public is going to know that they're trying to kill them. And they've pre-emptively stated that they're aware - because they're going to be killing us - that we're going to be defending ourselves, and they're basically saying: "Shame on you, how dare you Americans resist our attempts to murder you and your family. You're supposed to shut up - you know, under Tim Geithner and the rest of the Bilderberg Group - we set up the collapse of your economy over many years and we're taking over and you just shut up and take your vaccines and you're supposed to die. We've got a nice plastic coffin for you - that's where you're gonna reside, you just shut up. We're not shutting up, Jack - you understand that? We're not playing games. You're not playing games - I'm not playing games. You wanna get some? I'm not playing games.

"As a final thought and perhaps a reference, again, to where this capability has been used, one of the primary directives in engaging with the enemy is to be able to move, shoot, and communicate. And we have a very dangerous enemy facing us in this pandemic threat, and we must be able to move. We must be able to pick the targets that we are going to attack, and primarily to enable that, we must be able to communicate as a Nation and for the Government to communicate across its leadership in order to make these capabilities a tool and a weapon in the battle that we face."

That was said by Mr Kriens in this document from the government's own website - that's Kriens in 2006. Now, in reference to the other PDF that I link to from the Government Accountability Office, this is from April 2008.

Homeland Defense: U.S. Northern Command Has Made Progress but Needs to Address Force Allocation, Readiness Tracking Gaps, and Other Issues[2]

Northern Command was trying to argue that: "Well, no, we're not absorbing the National Guard - that's a conspiracy theory, that's not really true." Well, let's see. According to the Government Accountability Office, I don't know - how about I'll tell you what the document says - so that you can read it for yourself and you can decide if NORTHCOM is lying. OK?

"To draw upon experience in planning and conducting domestic operations, NORTHCOM has integrated National Guard and U.S. Coast Guard personnel into its headquarters staff."

That's right. Not only have they integrated the National Guard, they're integrating the U.S. Coast Guard into its headquarters staff.

"NORTHCOM has also developed a curriculum for required mission-related training courses."

That's the end of that excerpt right there. Now, in 2007 and 2008, in NORTHCOM's own documents with the title "Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration" - now I can give you the links to these, but I'm just going to warn you about something - it's up to you if you want to download them, because they will require you to accept a certificate, which can be a security risk. But I'm gonna read you a quote from there - keep in mind this was from 2008:

"The CWID 2008 scenario's theme began with a pre-existent, moderate-sized International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) conducting stabilization operations in one nation. Regional unrest then escalated to a regional multinational insurgency...

What are they talking about?? Hmmm, I don't know - that sounds like global economic collapse and global outbreak of their engineered flu. I don't know, what do you think? Regional multinational insurgency? They're talking about this a full year ago?

"cross-border invasion and mid-intensity conflict. Destabilization, humanitarian crisis, and hostilities required...

they're speaking about this in past... - well, because this is a war game. Keep this in mind - this is their wargaming. Because they've wargamed to do what they're going to do. They've been doing it since 1995 with CAESAR - before that even, when they planned out the first Iraq war. Their software that they have - Josh, you can go into this in a second - we'll devote a whole section to this later on - is calculating all of their battle command operations across the globe.

"Destabilization, humanitarian crisis, and hostilities required the deployment of coalition task forces to re-instate regional stability."

I'm going to read that last part again: "Destabilization, humanitarian crisis, and hostilities required the deployment of coalition task forces to re-instate regional stability."

"The CWID network was a dynamic environment which included several CWID firsts. Engineers created three security enclaves: the Homeland Security/Homeland Defense (HS/HD), unclassified; Coalition Task Force/NATO Reaction Force (CTF/NRF), secret; and the CTF High, secret enclave, a notionally higher classification than CTF/NRF."

What am I talking about? What are they talking about? Everybody's talking about - you know - talking to the troops, to the veterans, to the police - not to violate the Constitution, don't participate in martial law, and committing treason and attacking the American people. Ummm - their Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission, and you know, their private army NORTHCOM - oh, they already knew that. You know what coalition taskforce means? That means they're gonna bring six different nations into the US to attack. Under Defense Secretary Robert Gates - I don't know if you know this or not - NORTHCOM gets to absorb all the mercenary companies under its command. That means Blackwater is going to be under NORTHCOM - that means Triple Canopy is going to be under NORTHCOM - that means that - what is that other mercenary company? EODT - you remember that girl that called into Alex Jones that was in the Army? That was out in Camp Victory[3][4]? Remember that?

LS: Yes, yes, oh yeah.

AI: They said they were murdering US soldiers on a military base? Guess whose command EODT is going to be under? Northern Command. They're so afraid of us, they're gonna pull out everything - the most advanced technological war that you've ever seen is going to be waged against us - because they are cowardly pieces of scum. And they're crying that we got guns and they're coming with the trillions of dollars that they stole from us in advanced weapons systems and computer systems that are beyond anything that have ever been used. They'll probably have soldiers deployed with regenerating armor from DARPA that costs $200.000 dollars - that if you shoot them, their armor will self-repair with nanotechnology. They actually have stuff like this - I'm not saying they're gonna do [it], but they're gonna throw the book at us, folks. And how do we stop this? Their own documents convict themselves of their intention. Get these documents out to people, OK? Get them out to people so they can read this stuff. This isn't stuff from a blog - this isn't stuff from some website - the government documents explain it. I've given them to you, and I'll give you the military ones that I've just read this stuff from. OK? That's all I have to say about this right now - this is incredibly serious. They can be stopped if there is pre-emptive mass awareness.

And the key to this, too, is - I wanna mention something. It was reported not long ago that the Obama Deception film - with the massive power of that film because of the truth - the way that it's made is so powerful - that it's gotten the attention of foreign governments. The President of Poland was commenting on this, and this is really concerning the New World Order - in the same way as how 9/11 Truth got into the Japanese Parliament and was being discussed over there. They were freaking out about that - they don't want this - see, that's the thing. Why does that matter? Because you have foreign governments that become aware of what they're trying to do here, they're gonna care. You know why? Because - and I'm not the first one to say this - because they're gonna know that the same people who are attacking the U.S. are gonna attack them after they're done with us. So yeah, you better believe they're gonna care, OK? So, that's the other thing - it's not just the U.S. that needs to know about this. It's global penetration of information that has to be executed with blinding speed because these guys are moving at blinding speed. And the more people that know, the better chance we have of stopping this completely insane genocide. And my last thing - tying into everything I've said - and I'd like Josh to comment also about what I said before about John J. Hamre, who set up Dark Winter, was one of the guys that headed it up, in his comment about the 'phoenix rising from the ashes'. I want you to explain what that means - that he said three days after 9/11.

LS: Absolutely. We're about to go into break, so I'm going to keep this short. Basically, what he meant by that is - OK, in order to achieve a New World Order, they feel that they must bury the United States. That she is their phoenix. This is their phoenix. This is heavily discussed in a very excellent documentary called 'Eye Of The Phoenix: Secrets Of The Dollar Bill'. Now, while I will admit there are some parts to that documentary that I have a few issues with, that was a documentary that was put together by the experts, the historical experts, OK? So when they say that they want to bring this country down and that this country must be destroyed so their New World Order can rise from its ashes, that's what they mean. And when this man said that, he was meaning that we have now destroyed this country, here is the phoenix rising from its ashes. This is the new New World Order coming into place, and they will have control in the 21st century. Now, we're about to go into break - we'll be back in a few minutes - and we'll continue.

--- break -- song playing: Rage Against The Machine: Know Your Enemy

LS: Alrightie, ladies and gentlemen. And we are back. So, as I was pointing out before: the reason why that comment was so damning is because - these people are Luciferians. The documentary I mentioned before does a really good job of getting into that, and explaining what motivates these people. They believe that the only way their Coming of Christ, and their Christ is a being called they call Maitreya, OK, which a Satanist a long time ago called HP Blavatsky claimed she channeled. Now, basically, in order for their Maitreya to come to Earth, supposedly - and this is them, this is not me, this is not my beliefs, let me re-iterate this. I don't believe in this stuff - this is what they believe. And that is why this is so dangerous - that is why this is so screwed up. Because these people actually believe this stuff, OK? They believe that in order for Maitreya to come and usher in their Age of the Beast - yes, the Age of the Beast, and that is what they want. They want to create the exact scenario that happens in Revelation, and the way for them to do that is they must have their phoenix bird rise from the ashes. They must destroy - to create that bird - the last bastion of freedom on this planet, or at least in their eyes - the last bastion of freedom. And that was the United States. Our Founding Fathers came here to fight these people, OK? They knew that the Masons had become infiltrated by these dark individuals. They knew that Mr Weishaupt, who later became known as Mr. Rothschild - he was a defrocked Jesuit priest - so he had quite a bit of animosity towards the Catholic Church and many other things. And so, he was approached and he was given the opportunity to start crafting his New World Order. And he knew that if he didn't get his hands into the creation of America, their game would have been up. So they have spent the past 200 years trying to destroy this country. I mean, we took a big hit during the Civil War - most people will never realize that, and a lot of people want to keep you focused on the fact that it was about slavery, and it truly wasn't - it was about freedom. But the key here is - that this is their phoenix. The United States is their phoenix. And in order for it to basically become their New World Order, it has to die - it has to burn like the phoenix in the stories - burns to death and then the worms that are left bursts into new phoenixes. And that is what they want - and that is why that comment is so damning. Because it shows that they consider that the gateway for their golden Age of the Beast.

Now, Markus, you have any questions? Mark, any comments?

AI: One thing I want to bring everyone's attention to here - it ties into, or enables what I was talking about with the international coalition taskforce. There was a document that was signed in 14th of February 2008 between Canada and the United States - allowing the militaries of each nation to be - well, it wasn't just for Canada and the U.S., it was for any nation - to allow them to support the other militaries in a time of a national emergency. I'll link it again - this is the official document proving that. From Canada Command - interestingly, I was not able to find one from the U.S., probably because they don't want you knowing about it. This was largely in the media - this was one you had all the Presidential Candidates - they were presenting themselves and their positions and everything, and not one peep from anybody about this.

Here's a picture - a JPEG of the General of NORTHCOM and the General of Canada Command shaking on their agreement - right there - and this is the last page of the unclassified document showing their signatures[5] - Victor E. Renaurt, General, US Airforce Commander, US Northern Command, and MJ Dumais, Lieutenant General, Canadian Air Force Commander, Canada Command. That's what has illegally - 'authorized' - their ability to bring in foreign troops into the U.S. How interesting... what interesting timing that they did that before the first bail-out. What interesting timing, huh?

LS: Well, of course. They had to prep it - because they know, that as more people lose their homes, as more people realize that their futures have just been stolen, that their children's futures has just been stolen to pay for these rich bankers to literally come in and kill us, they know there's going to be outrage. And that's the thing - I mean - these people are doing this in front of us, and the average person - the average sheeple - is more concerned about which football team is going to win, which hockey team is going to win, and what the heck just happened on that episode of whatever-the-heck-show you're watching on that brainwashing device called the T.V.

Captain Gringo: And the latest controversy... the Miss America controversy. You know, it's always... hey guys, like I've said on the chat in there, it's time to drop all the petty differences. It doesn't matter - Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative - it's about this country, and it's about keeping this country what it was meant to be, not what it's becoming. You know, we've got to get this information out - like we're broadcasting this live over right now, and we've gotta reach out there to more people. These Oathkeeper guys - I don't know if anybody listening has anybody in the military or familymembers or friends, but talk to them about this stuff. Chances are they've worked with some of these systems these guys have been talking about. I really think we all have our part to play in this - the reason we're here is we're not listening to mainstream media anymore - nobody believes what they're saying. And these two guys here have obviously done the research. They've got the documents. Now it's time for all of us that are listening to do something with them. We got to hold these people accountable. We got to get this information out there to everybody that will listen. Because the more of us that know, makes it that much harder for them to pull all this stuff off.

AI: Exactly right. I want to - because of the extreme importance of this - I want to read the full article from Global Research that is referencing the document from Canada Command that I just linked - and the link to it is up on the Prisonplanet forum as well. The title of this article is "North-American Military Agreement Signed by the U.S. and Canada". This is by Global Research, April 4th 2008. And there's a photo there on NORTHCOM's own website of them shaking hands after signing the agreement.

"U.S. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, left, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, and Canadian Air Force Lt.-Gen. Marc Dumais, commander of Canada Command, signed a Civil Assistance Plan that allows the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a civil emergency. The signing took place at U.S. Army North headquarters, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Feb. 14, 2008."[6]

And this is by Jim Kouri [back to the Global Research article]:

"While Americans are being bombarded with large doses of presidential primary news coverage, the US entered into an agreement with its northern neighbor that may have an impact on future internal military action.

In a political move that received little if any attention by the American news media, the United States and Canada entered into a military agreement on February 14, 2008, allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis, according to a police commander involved in homeland security planning and implementation.

It is an initiative of the Bi-National Planning Group whose final report, issued in June 2006, called for the creation of a "Comprehensive Defense and Security Agreement," or a "continental approach" to Canada-US defense and security.

The law enforcement executive told that the agreement -- defined as a Civil Assistance Plan -- was not submitted to Congress for debate..."

I want to repeat that:

"The law enforcement executive told that the agreement - defined as a Civil Assistance Plan -- was not submitted to Congress for debate and approval, nor did Congress pass any law or treaty specifically authorizing this military agreement to combine the operations of the armed forces of the United States and Canada in the event of domestic civil disturbances ranging from violent storms, to health epidemics, to civil riots or terrorist attacks."

LS: This is key here, let me just bust in. This is key here, and the reason why Congress did not approve is because that is an illegal treaty - that would give up all rights to be governed by the Constitution. That, right there, gives the United Nations power to circumvent the Constitution. So even suggesting that Congress should vote on it, is high treason - even suggesting this is high treason, because it circumvents the Constitution completely. So they can't let Congress vote on it, because it's an illegal treasonous bill to begin with - well, act to begin with, because it's not a bill, it never saw Congress. OK, go ahead, Mark.

AI: Yeah, definitely. But that's not to say that - well, let me just expound upon what you just said there. It's not even just that - it's that it would be blatantly over the top obvious that it would be high treason. That's the thing - it's not like Congress hasn't already committed multiple acts of high treason by signing other bills, like the bailout bill. What's the difference between something like that? Well, the difference is - you have an element of propaganda, even though [interrupted by LS]...

LS: They're trying to spin the bailouts and things positively, those are bills that they can still put a positive spin on...

AI: Exactly, there was no way to spin the thing with the multi-national collaboration and so-called 'civil emergencies' - it would have never worked, they would have never been able to lie with that.

LS: Too many people would have seen through it. Exactly.

AI: So... [interrupted by Captain Gringo]

CG: [inaudible]... Oh I'm sorry - go ahead guys.

AI: Yeah, I'll just finish the article.

"the agreement -- defined as a Civil Assistance Plan -- was not submitted to Congress for debate and approval, nor did Congress pass any law or treaty specifically authorizing this military agreement to combine the operations of the armed forces of the United States and Canada in the event of domestic civil disturbances ranging from violent storms, to health epidemics, to civil riots or terrorist attacks."

There you go.

""This is a military plan that's designed to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act that traditionally prohibited the US military from operating within the borders of the United States. Not only will American soldiers be deployed at the discretion of whomever is sitting in the Oval Office, but foreign soldiers will also be deployed in American cities," warns Lt. Steven Rodgers, commander of the Nutley, NJ Police Department's detective bureau."

In Canada the agreement paving the way for the militaries of the US and Canada to cross each other's borders to fight domestic emergencies was not announced either by Prime Minister Harper's administration or the Canadian military. The agreement met with protests and demonstrations by Canadians opposed to such treaties with the US.

"It's kind of a trend when it comes to issues of Canada-US relations and contentious issues like military integration," claims Stuart Trew, a researcher with the Council of Canadians.

"We see that this government is reluctant to disclose information to Canadians that is readily available on American and Mexican websites," he said in a press statement.

[technical interruption]

LS: And we're back live. Sorry about that - we're having, like I said, have had a bit of technical difficulties. That one was totally my fault. I'll just leave it at that. I apologize guys. Go ahead. Continue, Mark, and then I think Markus has a question that he wants to ask us.

AI: Yeah, what I'll do here is I'll just give you the links to the Prisonplanet [forum] post and the original link. You can read it for yourself in its entirety in addition to the official document which is there - embedded in the site to download [it]. When you're at the Prisonplanet link, you'll see screenshots or extractions from their PDF document showing wargames by Northern Command against the United States. They've given code words to states - they call Nevada 'Na vatta'; they call Arizona 'Terrorzona' - I guess they're insinuating that everyone there is a terrorist. Not surprising, it shows airplane attacks - UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or Globalhawks attacking something. It's got a whole bunch of non-existent, fraudulent terror drill things again, with the precedent set back to what we looked at earlier with Dark Winter and John Hamre and Dr Ruth David and Tara O'Toole etcetera. This is how they have conducted their overthrow of the Republic; this is how they plan on executing it.

The central hub - this is just a point I want to make real quick. The central communications hub of Northern Command where they're going to be executing martial law is in Arlington, Virginia. It's called MNIS-JPO - which means Multinational Information Sharing Joint Program Office. This is where they have all their advanced networking equipment that's going to be tied into the Global Information Grid once they convert Europe to it, and it will enable it...

LS: It will enable the GiG to fully be a GiG... a Global Information Grid. So Markus, what is your questions?

CG: Guys, like I said before, obviously you've all done lots of research on this, and spent lots of time gathering and piecing all this stuff together. Now that you assembled all this info, what do we do with it? What's the next step? We got the info that ties them all together...

LS: And you can find all of that info at, by the way. We have our guys who run that - are putting the links up for us as we speak - so that's at the top page of

CG: Yeah, that's right, it's all on Dprogram. There's lots of other good films on there too. Like I'm saying, so now that we've got all of this info - so all of you guys' work wasn't in vein - what do we do with this info now? What's got a guy supposed to... do we assemble this stuff, find a lawyer, and go file suit in a courthouse? What do we do next?

LS: OK. Well, the key here is, is that we have to actually take action. We need to form groups of people to do this. Because if one person does it, they're just going to look like a crazy person - and the magistrate want to throw them out or they might just end up getting arrested themselves under the current crap that's flying. So we need people to organize as large groups and go to these magistrates, go to your town counsel members and get them to stand up and raise these issues. And have votes that vote 'Yes, we will press charges'. I mean, do you people realize that George Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney cannot go to France or Germany or most places in the EU outside of the UK right now, because they will be picked up on multiple charges and warcrimes against humanity? That's right - Interpol has formal charges pressed for all of these people. Why can't we do that? Why can't we make it so that if Obama gives a speech in a place like Texas, he gets arrested and thrown in jail on high treason? Why can't we do that with all these people? That's what needs to happen - and it has to happen as a grass-roots - as people coming together and getting the votes out and getting this done, so that we get these people convicted, that we get legislation in place to actually issue warrants for these people.

Now, one of the things that Mark posted to me that's on a thread that is being - he'll probably paste it here in the chat again - is these little things called IPv6 transformers. And I mentioned these perhaps before. But what these allow to happen - is they allow them to implement IPv6 on all of the networking hardware, and I've just posted it in the chat for Dprogram, on our TV station here - is that they allow IPv6 to be on all of the links. There is no actual IPv4 connectivity... [audio stream interrupts]

LS: Don't know where that came [from]... OK, that was a little bit of a technical difficulty there. Um... I'll be right back, guys.

CG: Alright guys. Back to what he's saying - you know - what we can do. We have to get this information out there. You know, there's a whole bunch of people - there's a bunch of division in this country right now, with everybody - a lot seem to be on the same path, but like I said earlier, these Oathkeepers, and these people that are after Obama's birth certificate, Ron Paul followers, this - Bill Cooper's group, what do you have, Maggie, I believe is what they call it - there's a bunch of us out there that we all need to get on the same page. And, you know, divisiveness - I don't care what religion you are. If you don't mean me and mine harm, we can sit down and break bread over a table any day. But when you're threatening me and bringing about stuff to harm me and mine - my fellow countrymen, it pisses me off for lack of a better term.

AI: Right, and I just wanna thank you for that, Captain Gringo. Yeah, I just want to reiterate the significance of these government documents, official documents. One of the problems that - one of the reasons why this country is in the predicament that it's in - and as well as a lot of other countries in the world - is that people have been brainwashed into just thinking that everything on the Internet is just unreliable, cannot be trusted - is somehow degraded in its truthfulness. That it's simply illegitimate. If they don't hear it on the news, then it must not exist. They've been playing that game ever since TV has been around.

CG: Well, it all gets back to trust. That's why we're here - places like this. Dprogram, Prison Planet, and nobody's got trust. We don't trust the government, we don't trust the mainstream media. Hell, during this last swine flu thing, they were trying to get us to not even trust each other - don't shake hands, don't hug, don't kiss... It's crazy..

LS: Yeah, it is. It's very crazy. Sorry I had to go there guys - my daughter needed me for a second, and that's why I dropped off there. Yeah, that's the thing - they're trying to get us not to trust anybody, so that basically divide and conquer is the strategy. I'm not saying we should 'trust them', because they have proven that they should never be trusted. However, and I mean - even Jefferson, our Founding Fathers - 'do not ever trust government'. They tried to ingrain that into people's heads, and they did quite a number on us to get us to actually trust them.

Now, just to sum this up real quick about the IPv6 transformers, and then we're going to go into this video... [audio plays]... this is Dr Ruth David... [inaudible] now please.. [inaudible] because this music was from DHS and is basically - it's horrible they used it like that. Here we go - here's the video - sorry, audio[7][8]

TRANSCRIPT - Homeland Security - Inside & Out - March 25, 2008 Podcast - Audience with Dr Ruth David

"Dave McIntyre: Next on Homeland Security Inside & Out, a feature we call "Talk to The Candidates". Of course, we're not actually talking to them. What we're doing is asking an expert in Homeland Security what she would say. We're talking today with Dr. Ruth David, who has spent two decades at San National Labs working on the design of nuclear weapons. She was the deputy director for Science & Technology at the CIA before becoming the CEO of Analytic Services, the first organization in the United States to have a department focus specifically on Homeland Security issues, and it was Ruth's idea.

Ruth, thank you very much for being with us.

Ruth David: Thank you Dave, pleasure to be here.

DM: So the question is: if you have five minutes with the Presidential candidates, what would you tell them about Homeland Security?

RD: What I would do is offer three concepts. You might actually think of these as lenses, through which they can view Homeland Security solutions. First, I would say: think global; second: think systems; and third: think resilience.

DM: Well, do you want to flesh that out for me a little bit. Let's start with global - what do you mean by that?

RD: Well, a lot of people might think that is rather odd, because Homeland Security is very often considered to be the home game, whereas we view more traditional national security missions as the away game. But in fact, if you look at the goal of the Homeland Security strategy, I think you'll see what I mean.

For example: look simply at the notion of protecting critical infrastructures. I assert that virtually every US critical infrastructure in fact has a global footprint. I mean, it's very evident when you look at things like banking and finance, as there's a real advantage, candidly, when we need cash and we're travelling abroad. But it really does complicate the techniques and solutions that we have available to us when we think of protecting that service on a global basis.

DM: Our banks and our stock markets are connected and exposed everywhere all over the globe, not just where we're putting the card in the ATM.

RD: That's exactly right. But I think if you take another example - the transportation network - I think here again the global footprint is very important to understand. And in fact, if you look at many of our Homeland Security strategies in this area, our first line of defense is actually on foreign soil. So I think everything we do in Homeland Security has to have a global dimension.

DM: Well, I guess Tom Ridge would agree with you. He said - on his last day in office, he was asked: "What's his [your] greatest advantage?" He said: "I didn't pay enough attention to the international dimension of Homeland Security".

RD: I think that's exactly right.

DM: Well, what do you mean by 'think systems'? How would that be different from what we've been doing up to now?

RD: Well, I think there are examples that we can point to - what I would call the deployment of point solutions. Perhaps technology-based operations where we didn't quite think through all of the ramifications. I'll give you a trivial example: we deploy a network of detectors without thinking through when an alarm sounds, who should take what action - and I think that is very dangerous. Now, we all know what to do in the case of a fire alarm: get out of the building. But in the case of some of these other detectors and potential alarms, it's not quite that clear. And in fact, the safest recourse may be to stay inside the building. The point is: systems thinking causes you to play that out up front. And I think there are lots of other examples, from aviation security through border security and so forth, where system thinking would lead to a more holistic evaluation of the problem phase and potential solutions.

DM: I guess we have kind of stumbled in that direction with the issue of alerts. You know, at one time, we were alerting every other day, going into orange, going into red, because of some point threat, and we eventually realized - this is just plain crack the whip with the entire United States. We needed some more systematic way to think about the issue.

RD: Exactly.

DM: Ruth, we got just about a minute left. What do you mean by resilience as one of the key issues?

RD: Here again, I'm gonna relate it back to critical infrastructure. The reality is that we need a risk-management framework that balances, prevents from detection, and the notion of mitigating the consequences when prevention and detection fails - which at some point, they will. This is probably the most directly related to - again - our critical infrastructures, and here I think there is some good news, in things like telecommunications, banking and finance - [they] are well ahead of the game. This is about continuity of business to them.

I think, unfortunately, in some other areas, and I'll pick on the energy infrastructure as an example - I think we need a sizeable investment to yield a resilient energy infrastructure that maintains continuity of service provided by the infrastructure.

DM: Well - think global, think systems, think resilience. Good advice, Ruth, to the presidential candidates - I hope they listen. We've been talking to Dr. Ruth David, who is CEO of Analytic Services - the first organization in the U.S. to have their department focused on Homeland Security specifically. One of the real forward thinkers from more than a decade in this field. Thanks for being with us.

RD: Thank you, Dave."

LS: Alrightie, ladies and gentlemen. So, that was Dr Ruth A. David. She is the lady primarily responsible for the entire Dark Winter scenario. Not only is she responsible for Dark Winter, but this is also the lady that had her hands in the whole ??? MIAC/NAS ??? upgrades in an oversight role. She has basically - if you look at the documents - she has involvement in nearly every single major false-flag - either personally being part of it, or being part of it in a supervisory role. And that is why she has, in my book, earned the name Dr. Death - because death follows her everywhere. You see, everything this lady just said was practically a lie, shit coded in doublespeak. She is saying: "We are unprepared - that the American people are essentially unprepared for the attacks that we are about to unleash on them. They are unprepared for biological attacks that come from genetically modified sources, and the entire world has never seen anything of that nature yet. This is a first - this is genetically modified bio-engineered bioweapons - developed by people underneath this lady, you see. She is the one responsible for most of this. And that's the key, you see - she sits there and she is talking about how we need security and risk management. She is not at all saying anything of the sort. She is saying that 'we' - that 'they' need to be able to have inter-operability so that they can false-flag/perpetrate their own security. Because without that, they have nothing - OK? Their risk management? That means us - we are the risk. They need to manage us as the risk - because we are the risk to their security. We are the risk to their security - because we are the ones exposing this, we are the ones who can stop them, we are the ones who need to fight this and we are the ones who have the power. All we need is to wake up and realize it. And if that happens, we become their security risk that they must implement 'risk management' for. And that's what this lady is really saying, and - she is one evil lady. Oh my gosh. Mark, anything you want to add?

AI: Yeah, that's definitely true. I just want to point out - I put up a link to a document directly from Homeland Security, that's titled: "Essential Technology Taskforce", June 25, 2008. It's got on the lefthand side of the PDF - it's got a list of members, and she is a member. She also - as you noticed in the audio - is also involved in the design of nuclear weapons. Very interesting - must be Dick Cheney's best friend, I must imagine.

LS: Indeed.

AI: Regarding her risk management - her citing that - she's basically fully behind the propagation and full implementation of backdoored systems that were used to carry out the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7/05 London bombings. What she's talking about is - the embodiment of the smart grid and all of that kind of stuff. It will enable them to have total persistent surveillance over anything and everything at will -continuously. And control using RBAC (Role-based access control) through IPv6 with that architectures to be able to deny anything they want to - anyone at will.

LS: Exactly. And of interesting note: inbetween 7/7 and 9/11, a company called QinetiQ brought Agile C2 technology into England in 2003 - just in time so that they could get a full working copy of CAESAR to be able to execute 7/7. OK? And that is why that is exactly key - because it shows that they gave the UK - well, they put the UK on C2 - right two years prior to 7/7 - specifically so they could carry it out. That was a test of the upgrades that they did to CAESAR. There's a temporal system that actually does better time management than what they had before. And that is the key: 7/7 was a drill to see if their computer had the time management down to such a degree that it could execute 7/7. And as we all see, it did.

AI: Exactly. Just one last thing I want to mention: one of the main guys who assisted with the setting up of the Dark Winter operation in 2001, John Hamre. Some of the companies he's tied into besides the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies)/organizations was MITRE Corporation - he was on the CIA external advisory board; he was involved with ChoicePoint; ITT Corporation and SAIC - which is Science Applications International Corporation.

LS: And just so you people know, ChoicePoint handles authentication systems and is actually used by companies like ChexSystems - that's right, that means they are now monitoring your very bank records and every purchase you make in real-time. Thank you for playing.

CG: And, you know, I don't know - guys, it's kinda like me having a file cabinet here in my house. I don't want anybody coming in and looking in that sun of a gun - somebody I can see I damn sure would not let him do it - but somebody who is invisible and sneaking through it, which basically, that's what this is - that's all it is. It's just - that ain't right man, that ain't right.

LS: Agreed. It's actually a little bit beyond a filing cabinet, because you know, there are many things you may not get receipts for put in your filing cabinet, but this thing will track everything. It's already tracking your purchases, it's already tracking what you spend, and they're gearing up to deny your ability to buy and sell based on what they feel you deserve, and what they want you to have - or don't have. Anyhow, continue.

AI: Exactly. It's like - what Alex Jones had mentioned on one of his shows - that the terror watchlist is really a 'no-buy,no-sell' list.

LS: Right. We're coming up here towards the end of this segment. Actually, this is the end of the show right here. So we'd like to thank you all for tuning in today - I know it was a jam-packed show. Be back tomorrow. Thanks guys - great job everyone.

CG: Tune in to

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