We all know that global government doesnt exist. So here are some of the organisations which are not promoting it.

List Edit - A journal of Global Governance run by the LSE - LSE department of Global Governance - Global Economic Governance, run by a Rhodes Scholar - Oxford Princeton Global leaders fellowship program - Leaders of the worlds future - School for 21st Century Global Governance - Rhodes Milner Roundtable promoting World Federalism - Produced Our Global Neighborhood, in 1995 - Launched to train future world leaders - Global Monetary Union - The Institute for Global Leadership - note the name. - Transnational Institue, IPS -

The Fletcher Roundtable on a New World Order - MIT Center for International Studies founded in 1952, by CIA

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies - prepare new generations to act as global citizens - Centre of Global Development - This place seems to be a very high up think tank, they advise on UNEP reports. - World Policy Institute Founded in New York City in 1961 as the Fund for Education Concerning World Peace through World Law, the World Policy Institute has its origins in the post-World War II movement of moderate internationalists. Its founders—the banker Harry B. Hollins, and the banker and public servant C. Douglas Dillon inspired by the World Federalist thinker Grenville Clark—sought to develop international policies to prevent future carnage and devastation like what the world had just experienced. In 1963, the Institute’s name was shortened to World Law Fund. In 1972, it merged with the Institute for International Order, founded in 1948 and run by Earl D. Osborn. The combined organization adopted a new name, the Institute for World Order. In 1982, the World Policy Institute adopted its current name to reflect a shift from a primarily educational focus to incorporating a strong policy element, and founded World Policy Journal. From 1991-2007, the Institute was part of The New School, a university in Greenwich Village, New York City. In 2007, the World Policy Institute was re-incorporated as a free-standing institution, which works in active collaboration with like-minded organizations around the world. -