The 2nd American Revolution, also known as The New American Revolution, The Awakening, or The Great Restoration is a social movement that is currently found in various parts of America. The most obvious example being the rise of The Tea Party - a multi-factional, loose-knit, grassroots movement that can be summed as Anti-Tax and Pro-Constitutional, though Civil Liberties are also advocated by several of its members. The Tea Parties origins are somewhat disputed, but most generally it is believed that its roots stem from a 2008 Presidential campaign by Ron Paul and his book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto." in which he describes "a false choice in American politics" between Democrats and Republicans, a determined anti-war stance, civil rights, and searing comments about the Federal Reserve.

Many of his views are shared by the Tea Party today and though the views very slightly from group to group, Ron Paul has been described as "The Father of The Tea Party" and "the Champion for Liberty" and it is most generally agreed that what unites the Libertarians and Constitutionalists of this multi-faceted group is thier devotion to The Constitution of the United States of America, thier general dis-trust of Government, and a fierce loyalty to the idea of "Liberty" as demonstrated by the founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

This idea of Liberty, propogated by Congresseman Paul, soon found a place in the hearts of many within the Tea Party, as did a common dis-trust of Government and Government Officials and a rejection of Establishment Republicans (known as "Neo-conservatives" or "Neo-cons") and Democrats alike.

As protests and rallies sprung up around the country, so did those who were determined to wear the Tea Party banner. Considered a cheerleader for the Tea Party, and perhaps a Revolutionary in her own right, Sarah Palin soon came to the forefront of the movement as did Fox News host, Glenn Beck (though Mr. Beck claims no official membership, and is a self-described Libertarian).

Other members of this fast growing Patriot Uprising are radio host, Alex Jones (who has a band of loyal followers known as "Infowarriors") and former Governor of Minnesota and conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura who is quoted as saying, "I love my country, not my government." Both are self-proclaimed "defenders of the Constitution." and proponents of Civil Liberties in which they describe as being trampled under a growing "Police State."

The Tea Party was effective in nominating several candidates around the country, though certainly not all, most notably Rand Paul of Kentucky (Ron Paul's son) who was nominated in the primaries against a Republican endorsed candidate and went on to win the senate seat and to write a book entitled "The Tea Party Goes to Washington."

In 2008, the Ron Paul Revolution took an alarm to a sleepless and apathetic nation and while Ron Paul ultimately lost the presidency he sparked a Revolution that continues this day.